Secluded Coliseum

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Secluded Coliseum




Gloom-wreathed Fire-Breath Lizalfos
Gloom-wreathed Ice-Breath Lizalfos
Gloom-wreathed Electric Lizalfos
Gloom-wreathed Silver Lizalfos


The Secluded Coliseum is a Depths location from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Secluded Coliseum is located east of Sohse Lightroot and north of the Yikot Lightroot & Meda Lavafalls; although the latter areas can only access the Coliseum indirectly due to a large wall - under the course of the Squabble River - which blocks the direct route.

The five cells contain, in order:

It is the only coliseum to have elemental (fire/ice/electric) enemies.

When Link kills the last of the Lizalfos, the Coliseum door opens and the gloom-wreathed Treasure Chest in the centre loses the gloom, allowing Link to open it. It contains Ravio's Hood.