Scorching Coliseum

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Scorching Coliseum




Gloom-wreathed Moblins
Gloom-wreathed Blue Moblins
Gloom-wreathed Black Moblins
Gloom-wreathed Silver Moblins


The Scorching Coliseum is a Depths location from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Scorching Coliseum is located halfway between Katoij Lightroot and Katijabis Lightroot, directly under the north Lizard Lake and north-west of Death Mountain.

The five cells contain, in order:

  • 2 × Gloom-wreathed Moblins
  • 2 × Gloom-wreathed Blue Moblins
  • 2 × Gloom-wreathed Black Moblins
  • 1 × Gloom-wreathed Silver Moblin
  • One of each type, all still gloom-wreathed (i.e., 1 × Moblin + 1 × Blue Moblin + 1 × Black Moblin + 1 × Silver Moblin)

When Link kills the last of the Moblins, the Coliseum door opens and the gloom-wreathed Treasure Chest in the centre loses the gloom, allowing Link to open it. It contains Zant's Helmet.