Eldin Canyon Depths

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Eldin Canyon Depths is a Depths region in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

A region found in the northeastern Depths, directly under the Eldin province and Death Mountain. No chasms directly drop into the region, although the Minshi Woods Chasm (to the Great Hyrule Forest Depths) is close to the south-western border; and the Death Mountain Chasm leads to the Death Mountain Depths, which is entirely surrounded by the Eldin Canyon Depths.

During the main questline, Link accesses this region by defeating Moragia and jumping down into the Death Mountain Chasm during the Main Quest Yunobo of Goron City. Much of the region is notable for its intense heat, which can be counteracted with flame-resistant armor, and also for one of the game's main dungeons, the Fire Temple.

Points of Interest

There are a few places the player can visit to progress quests or gain unique items. A list is included below:

Fire Temple

Main article: Fire Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

The dungeon at the heart of Eldin's Regional Phenomena, this Temple is packed with loot and enemies, not to mention the boss, Marbled Gohma, at the end.

The majestic Fire Temple... an ancient city, uncovered?

Abandoned Eldin Mine

Main article: Abandoned Eldin Mine

The only Abandoned Mine in the region, directly underneath Goron City. It is right next to the Cugukaram Lightroot, which serves as a quick travel point to the Mine. A Forge Construct and a Schema Stone can be found there, as well as a chest containing 20 Crystallized Charges.

A general view of the Abandoned Eldin Mine
The two Grand Poes in Abandoned Eldin Mine

Scorching Coliseum

Main article: Scorching Coliseum

The Scorching Coliseum is located halfway between Katoij Lightroot and Katijabis Lightroot, directly under the north Lizard Lake and north-west of Death Mountain. To clear it and obtain Zant's Helmet, Link must defeat a series of gloom-wreathed Moblins of increasing strength, similar to other Coliseums in the Depths.

The Scorching Coliseum, deserted