Smithing Construct

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Smithing Construct
Smithing Construct - TotK.jpg
The Smithing Construct introducing itself



Swordsmith, Bowyer





Defeat Seized Construct and retrieve Mineru's Secret Stone


The Smithing Construct is a construct merchant in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Smithing Construct was, by its own words, created by Mineru in the era of Hyrule's founding as an experiment to "unlock the hidden potential of Zonai charges" with "the unique ability to temper zonaite for weapons and equipment". Having hidden when the Seized Construct took over the Spirit Temple, it emerges along with a Mining Construct when Mineru and Link destroy the Seized Construct and retrieve Mineru's Secret Stone.

While it says it would "not ordinarily work for anyone other than Mineru", it calls Link a "special case" and agrees to work for him at the cost of the zonaite required to make the weapons:

Material Icons Quantity Price
Mighty Zonaite Sword Mighty Zonaite Sword - TotK icon.png 1 Zonaite 45
Mighty Zonaite Longsword Mighty Zonaite Longsword - TotK icon.png 1 Zonaite 60
Mighty Zonaite Spear Mighty Zonaite Spear - TotK icon.png 1 Zonaite 30
Mighty Zonaite Shield Mighty Zonaite Shield - TotK icon.png 1 Zonaite 45
Zonaite Bow Zonaite Bow - TotK icon.png 1 Zonaite 60

(Note that, by the time Link has completed the Spirit Temple, it is likely that the World Level will have upgraded the Zonaite Swords, Zonaite Longsword, Zonaite Spear and Zonaite Shield lying freely in Zonaite Forge Island to their Mighty equivalents, which respawn with every Blood Moon along with a Mighty Construct Bow.)