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Forge Constructs are merchants that appear in Tears of the Kingdom. They are one of the Construct variants.

Tears of the Kingdom

Forge Constructs can process Zonaite into Zonai Charges or Crystallized Charges. Once found and - where necessary - activated, they act as a shop, trading Zonaite for processed materials.

The only one outside of the Depths, in the Mining Cave on Great Sky Island, has a more limited stock than the ones found later in the game:

  • 1 Crystallized Charge per 3 zonaite, with 10 in stock at a time.
  • 1 Zonai Charge per 2 zonaite, with 5 in stock at a time.

In the Depths, they are found in dormant states, and must be activated by Link with his Zonai right arm. Often, this also requires defeating Master Kohga or other Yiga Clan members in the area. They carry more of each type of charge, as well as the large variants: