Large Crystallized Charge

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Large Crystallized Charge
Large Crystallized Charge - TotK icon.png





5 required per Energy Well

Obtained from

Defeat minibosses in Depths
Yiga Clan Depths bases



Large Crystallized Charges are collectable Key Items from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A large piece of crystal, made by condensing Zonai charges processed from zonaite. Equal to 20 normal crystallized charges"

— In-game description

Large Crystallized Charges are crystals of refined Zonaite created by Forge Constructs, twenty times more powerful than standard Crystallized Charges. Link can trade three raw Large Zonaite to a Forge Construct to purchase a Large Crystallized Charge. They are also dropped on defeat by Depths minibosses and powerful enemies such as Frox and gloom-wreathed Silver Lynels; and are typically found in a chest in routed Yiga Clan Depths bases alongside a Yiga Schematic.

Their main use for Link is at a Crystal Refinery, where a Steward Construct can make Energy Wells to expand his Energy Cell at a cost of 100 Crystallized Charges per well; the equivalent of five Large Crystallized Charges. Huge Crystallized Charges also exist, and are the equivalent of five Large Crystallized Charges. Neither Large nor Huge Crystallized Charges are counted separately by the game, only their equivalent value in standard Crystallized Charges is recorded.