Zonai Fabric

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Zonai Fabric
Zonai Fabric - TotK icon.png


Zonai-style paraglider fabric





Obtained from


Alternate paraglider fabric

The Zonai Fabric is a key item from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"Tough fabric bearing a Zonai design. It looks like it could be used to make a paraglider."

— In-game description

On a visit to Great Sky Island, Link sees a column of light on top of the Temple of Time's roof. At the base, he finds a Steward Construct who challenges him to light three bonfires around the island between two chimes of the time bell without setting foot on the ground outside the temple roof. When Link succeeds, it tells him the story of how Great Sky Island came to be, and gives him the Zonai Fabric as a token of his success.

It can be applied to Link's paraglider by Sayge at the Kochi Dye Shop for 20 rupees.