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Build Objects using Schema Stones, Yiga Schematics, or build history.

Autobuild is an ability in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

During the A Mystery in the Depths quest, Link will journey down to the Depths and come across the Great Abandoned Central Mine. On the top level of the mine, after coming across two Yiga Footsoldier, who are disguised as Researchers, Link will activate the green pedestal and learn the Autobuild mechanic. The Researchers will initially help Link where he needs to fix the vehicle on the Round Pedestal and then autobuild the object on the Square Pedestal. After Link builds the object, Master Kohga will appear.

After defeating Master Kohga, Link will acquire a Schema Stone, which includes the schematics for creating a Fanplane. Other Schema Stones, along with the similar Yiga Schematics, can be found. If all the parts are present, Link can autobuild an item for free. If not, he can still autobuild items at the cost of Zonaite. Attempting to break apart devices using Autobuild-created parts will simply destroy everything created, rather than break it down into constituent parts.

It is disabled within Shrines of Light, although devices built inside shrines will still be stored in the build history.

Up to 30 items can be stored in history, including up to eight "favorites" which are not overwritten by more recent builds.

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