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Yiga Schematic
Yiga Schematic - TotK icon.png



Beat up Yiga

Obtained from


Gives schematics to Autobuild various Zonai Vehicles and other builds


Yiga Schematics are key items from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A scrawled schematic for a contraption made of Zonai devices and building materials. Looks like you can use Autobuild to store schematics and then build from them."

— Final in-game description

Link can obtain access to a Treasure Chest containing Yiga Schematics by defeating the Yiga Footsoldier with a glowing crest riding a Zonai Vehicle around a Yiga Clan base in the Depths.

They are functionally identical to Schema Stones, giving Link schematics he can use Autobuild to create using Zonai Devices, Building Materials and/or Zonaite.