Crystal Refinery

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Crystal Refineries are shops from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

There are two Crystal Refineries. The first is on Great Sky Island, next to Nachoyah Shrine. The other is on a large piece of Sky Debris, just north of Lookout Landing.

Each is staffed by a Steward Construct, who will use the refinery to convert Crystallized Charges to Energy Wells for Link's Energy Cell, at a rate of 100 standard Crystallized Charges per Energy Well. (This is the equivalent of five Large Crystallized Charges, or one Huge Crystallized Charge.)

Once Link's Energy Well reaches its maximum capacity of 48 Energy Wells, the Steward Constructs will begin selling Zonai Capsules in return for Crystallized Charges. Unlike Device Dispensers, they will allow Link to pick exactly which items he wants. Each costs 3 Crystallized Charges except the Big Battery, which costs 30, and has a stock of 10 at a time.