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"Prophet of Doom
A seer from a certain small village in Hyrule who plotted to revive Calamity Ganon. He was defeated and subsequently absorbed by the Calamity.

— In-game description


Fortune Teller
Prophet of Doom




Servant of Ganon



Voice Actor

Jon Lipow (English)

Astor is a character in Age of Calamity.

Age of Calamity

Astor predicted the revival of Calamity Ganon, though only because he himself was the one who revived Ganon. He also resurrected the four Blight Ganons after their defeat at the hands of each of the four Champions. He can often be seen holding an orb not dissimilar from Giant Ancient Core. He comes from Deya Village in Hyrule, having learnt the ability to foresee the future from a relative of his. He meets with Harbinger Ganon and plots to summon the Calamity.


Astor can summon Malice in his attacks and can use sacrificial energy (Such as the souls from Yiga soldiers) to summon the Blight Ganons as he wishes. He can also create copies of the Champions and Link as minions. These are known as Hollows.