Dark Beast Ganon (Breath of the Wild)

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Dark Beast Ganon


Hatred and Malice Incarnate


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Dark Ganon is the very final boss in Breath of the Wild. Ganon's spirit has escaped to Hyrule Field and manifests into its true form: Dark Beast Ganon. A pure embodiment of Malice and Hatred, it is a gigantic boar similar to Ganon's appearance in Twilight Princess. Princess Zelda reveals that Ganon has given up on reincarnation to create this form, intending to release the full force of its wrath upon the world. Now that it is free from the prison of Hyrule Castle, Ganon will do exactly that unless stopped.


The final battle will begin and Link will ride over to collect the Bow of Light. This will allow Link to fire Light Arrows. Best of all, he has unlimited ammunition while using it.

Dark Beast Ganon, for as intimidating as it looks, does not have much in the form of attacks. It will occasionally shoot out a beam of fire from its mouth. As long as you are not riding directly in front of the Dark Beast, you should be safe. When the battle begins, just ride around until Princess Zelda talks to you.

Zelda will hold the Malice back, creating glowing areas for Link to shoot his Light Arrows. Ride around on horseback and shoot the beast down with arrows. Three glowing spots will appear at first, and then three more will appear shortly after. After Link has hit six spots on the Dark Beast, the next one will appear underneath its belly.

Once last glowing area will appear, this time on an eye that appears on top of Ganon’s forehead. However, when you shoot the arrow at the eye, it will close the eye, preventing you from hitting it. Zelda will soon give you the advice that you should use its attacks to your advantage. When Ganon attacks, a massive updraft will appear right in front of it. Run over and jump into the updraft, using the Paraglider to glide up. Then, pull out your bow and in slow motion, loose the final Light Arrow to defeat the beast.