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"Remote Bomb" redirects here. For the item from The Minish Cap, see Remote Bomb (The Minish Cap).
Remote Bomb Rune



Breath of the Wild:
*Ja Baij Shrine Guidance Stone
*Remote Bomb+ at Hateno Ancient Tech Lab


Breath of the Wild:
*Upgrade requires 3 Ancient Shafts


Detonates on command from a distance

Base Power

Breath of the Wild:
*12 (base standard)
*24 (Remote Bomb+)


The Remote Bomb is a Rune ability for the Sheikah Slate found in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity. It allows bombs to be created and exploded on command.

Breath of the Wild

The Remote Bomb rune is obtained from a Guidance Stone in the Ja Baij Shrine, found in the Eastern Abbey on the Great Plateau. It allows Link to create a spherical or cube-shaped Bomb that can be detonated on command using the Sheikah Slate. Remote Bombs can also be detonated by shooting a projectile at them, though this is largely unnecessary; enemies can also intentionally or unintentionally detonate them as well. Like Bombs in other games, this Rune can be used to blast away certain obstacles, such as cracked walls or a pile of boulders. They can also be used to damage or defeat enemies from a distance, as well as a non weapon-consuming method of felling trees for wood.

The spherical Remote Bomb will roll away from its position, which is useful for blowing up locations down a slope or in otherwise unreachable areas. The cube-shaped Remote Bomb will stay in its place, and can be used for easily reachable locations. After detonating a Remote Bomb, a cooldown timer will appear that will restrict when Link can create another Bomb. Besides this restriction, there is no limit to how many Bombs can be created or held at once, and it is possible to create both a single cube-shaped and spherical bomb to be placed in tandem with one another, with the timer being tied to the shape of the bomb, allowing for near-simultaneous detonation.

The basic Remote Bombs deal a damage of 12 and require a cooldown of 6 seconds.


This Rune can be upgraded as part of the Slated for Upgrades quest. If Link visits the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and gives three Ancient Shafts to Purah, she will allow Link to use the Guidance Stone in order to upgrade to the Remote Bomb+, which features an enhanced damage of 24 and a shorter cooldown of 3 seconds.

Age of Calamity

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