Guardian of Remembrance

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Guardian of Remembrance
Guardian of Remembrance - HWAoC.jpg



Release Date

🌎 October 29, 2021

Guardian of Remembrance is the second of two expansion passes for Age of Calamity, and was released on 29th October 2021. First showcased at a Nintendo Direct on September 23, 2021 , it added new playable character(s), new stages, additional actions for characters, and new character vignettes:

  • New character vignettes
  • New story - Battle of Kakariko Village, Battle of Goponga Village, and more
  • Newly added stages - Coliseum, Lanayru Road, and more
  • Purah & Robbie (duo) and Sooga
  • New battle skills for existing characters
  • Take on newly added enemies and explore stages with new enemy types in "vicious monsters" Boss Battles.


New Playable Characters with Weapons

New Weapons (Existing Characters)