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Lanayru Road is a location found in Breath of the Wild and the Guardian of Remembrance DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Breath of the Wild

"This road runs from the east of Kakariko Village to the foot of Mount Lanayru. It runs through a narrow valley above the flooded floor. It was destroyed during the Calamity, but the ruins demonstrate exquisite stonework."

Creating a Champion, page 282

The Lanayru Road is a pathway that extends from just east of Kakariko VIllage, passing through the Lanayru Promenade and spilling out into the Naydra Snowfield.

When traveling through the Lanayru Promenade, Link will pass through the Lanayru Road - West Gate and the Lanayru Road - East Gate in each direction. The road passing along the north side of the promenade, briefly going through some shallow water near the center of the road. While the road is in ruins, it is still very much traversable. Along the road, Link will find some Blue Bokoblin, Black Bokoblin, and a Blue Moblin.

After freeing Naydra on top of Mount Lanayru, the dragon will regularly fly above Lanayru Road. However, Naydra will freeze Link if he gets near him, so it is recommended Link wear armor with the Unfreezable trait, such as the upgraded Snowquill Set.

Return of Calamity Ganon

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At the east end of the road, Link will find the location where he can recall a memory, as part of the Captured Memories main quest. He can speak with Pikango over at Kakariko Village, of which Pikango recognize the Lanayru Road - East Gate location, based on the Naydra Snowfield and Mount Lanayru in the background.[1]


Age of Calamity (DLC)


Chapter EX