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Former Sergeant of the Zora Royal Guard
Former Martial Instructor to Princess Mipha






Breath of the Wild
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Zora's Domain


Bazz (Son)

Seggin is a an elder Zora, residing in Zora's Domain in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

According to Part Four of the History of the Zora, in the years before the Calamity, Seggin was a sergeant of the Zora Royal Guard. He was Mipha's martial instructor, and cherished her as if she were part of his own family, Mipha owing most of her martial prowess to him[1]. The loss of Mipha took a heavy toll on both him and the Zora in general, leaving him angry and embittered.

In the present, Seggin can be found standing on the higher level, right down the stairs from King Dorephan. He is trying to touch a Shock Arrow, to better understand the amount of pain it causes, as a way to prepare for a battle with the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Seggin has tried to battle the Divine Beast before and used a shock arrow to attack it, which did weaken it. However, since Seggin is a Zora and is vulnerable, he couldn't strike it with enough electricity at once. This just slowed down the Divine Beast for a bit, but it was not enough to appease it.[2]

Link can appear and take Seggin's shock arrow. When Seggin looks up and realizes it was Link, he threatens him, saying that he is going to avenge the loss of Mipha and strike down Link.[3] Since Link has lost his memory, he doesn't quite understand what Seggin is talking about. Seggin thinks that Link is playing dumb, and explains that it is Link's fault that he was not able to protect Mipha from Calamity Ganon.[4] However, once Link has taken Seggin's shock arrow, he views this as Link not taking on the responsibility of appeasing Vah Ruta.[5]

Seggin will then travel eastward, across the bridge towards the East Reservoir Lake. He tells Link that he's on his way to try to take on the Divine Beast all by himself and that Link should not try to stop him.[6] Link can either wish Seggin good luck, or warn him that it is too dangerous. If Link wishes him good luck, he will laugh at him, saying that was the last thing he wished to hear. However, Seggin does have a second thought and decides to call it a day.[7] If Link tells him it is too dangerous, he gets a but angry, stating that he use to strike fear into the hearts of demons, just by stepping on the battle field. Stopping the Divine Beast will be like taking a fish from a baby. However, he still has second thoughts and decides to call it a day.[8]

After Link has appeased the Divine Beast, Seggin will notice that it has stopped raining. He immediately thinks that it is Sidon's doing.[9] Each day after 10pm, Seggin will head to the back of Zora's Domain, where he will fall asleep in one of the small ponds. If Link talks to him during this time, he will say that it's time to go to sleep. The last thing he wants to do is fall in battle due to a lack of a sleep.[10] While sleeping in the small pond, Link can try to talk to Seggin, while he's sleeping. Link can hear Seggin mumbling in his sleep about how he's The Demon Sergeant.[11] He will wake up again at 6am, where he will head back across the bridge towards the East Reservoir Lake.

Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, Seggin can be found standing next to Tottika, who is covered in Sludge. He tells Tottika to stay strong and make it to the infirmary, which is nearby.



  1. Mipha grew into a bright girl and soon reached the age of receiving lessons from the royal family's order of knights. The whole of the royal guard adored her, especially Sergeant Seggin, who loved her as if she were his own kin. Under Seggin's instruction, Mipha honed her skill, and her radiance grew along with her skill with the Lightscale Trident. - As told by King Dorephan
  2. Seggin, who is quite shock resistant for a Zora, hit one with a shock arrow. Sure enough, it slowed the water a bit. Unfortunately, as an aquatic race, we Zora are terribly vulnerable to the power of electricity. Perhaps because we could not safely strike it with enough electricity at once, the water soon returned to its full force. That is why I went in search of a Hylian who could help us! Link, I am certain you have already figured this out, but... We need you to use shock arrows to get those orbs workig properly again! I will aid you in any way I can, of course. Please, hero... I beg of you. Help me stop Ruta's rampage of destruction! - Sidon
  3. HEY!! Who did it? Whole stole my shock arrows? !! You... You're Link! Finally, I can avenge Lady Mipha! It has been 100 years since you last showed your face here! Now I, Seggin, will cut you down myself! - Seggin
  4. Playing dumb, eh?! Nice try, but you cannot fool me, Champion Link! You were unable to protect Lady Mipha from Calamity Ganon! It has been 100 years since we lost her.. Poor Lady Mipha... How heartbreaking... - Seggin
  5. Ah, of course! Because you stole my shock arrow, that's why! In that case, YOU take the responsibility of appeasing the Divine Beast Vah Ruta! Hmph!! - Seggin
  6. You again?! Though I lack the shock arrows needed for the job, I am on my way to take on the Divine Beast Vah Ruta all by myself! Do not try to stop me, Link! - Seggin
  7. Ha ha ha! That is the very last thing I wish to hear from you! Still... According to my fortune today, I should be cautious of injury. In light of that, I think it would be for the best if I call it a day. - Seggin
  8. AAAARGH! What did you say?! I, Seggin, use to strike fear into the hearts of demons just by setting foot onto the battlefield! Stopping the Divine Beast Vah Ruta will be simpler than taking a fish from a baby... No trouble at all, I say! Still... According to my fortune today, I should be cautious of injury. In light of that, I think it would be for the best if I call it a day. - Seggin
  9. The rain...has stopped. Could this be Prince Sidon's doing? - Seggin
  10. You again?! I still greatly wish to dispel Lady Mipha's lingering regrets, but I fear it is time to retire for a while. If I were to fall due to lack of sleep, that would only sadden Lady Mipha further still... - Seggin
  11. Zzz... *snore* The Demon Sergeant...has arrived... Zzz... - Seggin