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Bazz is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Bazz is a Zora guard who lives in Zora's Domain. He can be seen patrolling the domain with his Silverscale Spear. As a child Zora, he was trained in the art of the Blade by Link, and after 100 years, he became the captain of the Zora's Domain guard.[1]

When Link first arrives at Zora's Domain, Bazz doesn't immediately recognize him. While he knows he is Hylian, he thinks he does look familiar.[2][3] Eventually he remembers that it is Link and asks him what the password if the Big Bad Bazz Brigade is.[4] After Link answers Zora, Bazz confirms that it is Master Link, but he wonders what Link has been doing for the last 100 years.[5][6] Although after Link tells him he has been sleeping, he wonders how somebody could sleep for that long.[7]

Bazz serves as a guide for Zora's Domain and will help Link.[8] He mentions that King Dorephan is the father of Mipha and Sidon. Although Bazz is a bit concerned when Link doesn't remember who Mipha is.[9][10] She mentions that she was the beloved Princess of the Zora, but fell in battle 100 years ago to Calamity Ganon. Bazz will encourage Link to visit King Dorephan to talk about Mipha.

Each morning at 4am, Bazz will head down to the entrance of Zora's Domain where he stands guard. Then at 8am, Bazz will head to the back of the square of the town, where he glances towards the Ne'ez Yohma Shrine. At 12pm each day, Bazz walks near the entrance of Zora's Domain. He climbs up the ramp located just west at the end of the Great Zora Bridge. Then at 4pm he will head to the back of Zora's Domain, walking up the bridge leading to the west gate. At 8pm, Bazz will head to the back of Zora's Domain, where he looks over the small ponds where the rest of the Zora are sleeping. At midnight, Bazz will stand guard at the footsteps of the Throne Room.


  1. Me? I am Bazz. A hundred years ago, you frequently trained me in the art of the blade. Remember? Thanks to that, I made great progress with my sword training, and now I am captain of the Zora's Domain guard! I am in your debt, Master Link. - Bazz
  2. Hello, and welcome! Zora's Domain is currently searching for a Hylian like you. That said, this Hylian... I get the feeling I've seen him before... Perhaps a long time ago... - Bazz
  3. Now I remember! This person is... However, if this person is the Hylian that Prince Sidon brought, this all sounds too good to be true. I don't think it's possible, but I'd better ask just to be sure... - Bazz
  4. I must ask something of you, traveler. If you know it, speak it now. What is the Big Bad Bazz Brigade password? Fluffy white clouds! Clear blue... - Bazz
  5. Yes! There is no mistaking it! You are, indeed, the real Master Link! - Bazz
  6. I knew it! The only people who know that password are members of the Big Bad Bazz Brigade! That said, you haven't changed at all... But what have you been doing for the last 100 years? - Bazz
  7. As though you could sleep for that long. Hmph. Look at the clear sky! The rain has stopped for the first time in a long while. It's clear... Almost too clear! - Bazz
  8. Master Link, do you need me for something? - Bazz
  9. He is the father of Princess Mipha and Prince Sidon. Princess Mipha fell to Calamity Ganon... 100 years ago. It has certainly been difficult ever since. Is there something else you want to ask? - Bazz
  10. Master Link... Do not tell me you have forgotten Lady Mipha... Lady Mipha was admired by everyone in the domain. She was the beloved princess of the Zora. But then... Do you really not remember? Lady Mipha was... ... Actually, I think it would be best if you heard this from King Dorephan. - Bazz