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West end of the Zora River (Initially)
Zora's Domain
East Ulria Grotto (The Champions' Ballad)

Tottika is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Tottika is a Zora who can initially be found in the water at the Lanayru Wetlands. He can be found near the small enemy fortress, where where the Zora River spills out into a larger area. When Link walks by, Tottika will call him over and is very excited to see him.[1] Tottika is searching for a Hylian, as Prince Sidon is in need of one at the moment. Tottika will encourage Link to heads towards the Inogo Bridge, just up the river. At first Tottika asks Link if he'd be willing to help out, but then insists that he helps, even if he doesn't want to.[2][3][4][5]

After arriving at Zora's Domain and completing the Reach Zora's Domain quest, Tottika will then appear back at Zora's Domain. He serves as a Zora soldier, where he stands at the bottoms of the steps that lead up to the Throne Room of King Dorephan.[6] He self describes himself as a novice soldier, but he hopes to someday become a more important soldier.[7] Seeing as how Link made it all the way to Zora's Domain, Tottika thinks he must have a reliable weapon.[8] Tottika has heard rumors of a legendary blade that chooses its wielder. He hopes to someday become a great soldier who is worthy of being chosen by a legendary weapon.[9]

After Link destroyed Waterblight Ganon in Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Tottika will comment that it has finally stopped raining. He wonders if this was Link and Sidon's doing.[10][11]



  1. Oh! There's one! Here! Over here! - Tottika
  2. Oh! Hey! This is the first time I've seen one! I'm Tottika of the Zora! Aren't you...a Hylian? You ARE, aren't you?! Yes, I can tell! You are most certainly a Hylian! As fate would have it, our Prince Sidon is looking for a Hylian like you. The prince is at Inogo Bridge right now. Will you consent to go and see him? I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to... Though...I'd kind of like you to go even if you don't want to... Hm, yes! It is decided! You will indeed go and see the prince, even if you don't really want to! - Tottika
  3. Prince Sidon is at Inogo Bridge, just over there! He is upstream on the Zora River, which lies to the east of here. You will find him near that tower! - Tottika
  4. Hylian! I am counting on you! - Tottika
  5. Hey! Hylian! I see that you are a skilled warrior. I would like to request something of you. Prince Sidon is waiting at Inogo Bridge. Please, go and see him! - Tottika
  6. At the top of these stairs is the throne room of King Dorephan and his son, Prince Sidon. - Tottika
  7. Me? My name is Tottika. I'm a novice soldier. - Tottika
  8. By the way....HYLIAN... You managed to make it to Zora's Domain all by yourself, eh? That would mean you've got a pretty reliable weapon on you, yes? - Tottika
  9. I've been supplied a silverscale spear. I have no complaints about it, but... There are rumors of a legendary blade... one that chooses its wielder. I want to become an important soldier... one who's worthy of being chosen by a legendary weapon! - Tottika
  10. Good evening. Hylian! Have you seen?! The rain that has been falling ever since Divine Beast Vah Ruta was angered... has finally stopped! Was that you and Prince Sidon? - Tottika
  11. Yes, sir! Nothing to report, sir! ...Yes? Did you need something? - Tottika