East Barrens

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The East Barrens is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The East Barrens are located at the southeast end of the Gerudo Desert. As the barrens are in the desert, it shares the extreme weather patterns, where it gets very cold at night and is very hot during the daytime. Depending on the time of day, Link will need to wear armor or use an elixir that gives Heat Resistance or Cold Resistance. Most of the area is completely empty, with limited enemies and just some Hydromelons and Voltfruit growing.

The Barrens consist of a series of small pillars that stick out from underground. At the northwest part of the area, there is a larger stone structure that has a stump on top of it. Step on it and a yellow circle will appear in the distance to the southeast. It's a bit too far to reach, even with maximum stamina. If Link has a Sand Seal, he can use it to quickly navigate to the other archway. Alternatively, Link can just run across the sand with the Sand Boots. Alternatively, Link can use the upgraded Stealth Set at nighttime, which gives him a speed boost, allowing him to reach the circle in time. The Divine Beast Vah Naboris roams this central part of this area, enshrouding it in a sandstorm, and hurling powerful lightning bolts. After reclaiming Naboris, the area becomes clear again and safe to traverse.

At the far north of the area there are three enemy skull bases with some Blue Lizalfos in the area. The base to the east has a treasure chest buried in the sand which contains five Bomb Arrows. The base to the south has a block puzzle with the missing block piece near the ceiling.

The Perfect Drink

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The Perfect Drink revealing Misae Suma Shrine



Nearby Korok Seeds

Pick up the rock on top of the pillar.

Pick up the rock on top of the pillar.

The seed platform for this race is on the arch to the northwest. For tips, click 'Korok Seed' above.

The seed platform is on the northwest arch, race to the southeast one. Sand seal surfing does the trick. You can also sprint wearing Sand Boots to get there in time.

Complete the rock circle.

Complete the rock circle.

Solve the Magnesis block puzzle inside the skull rock. The cube to use is on the ceiling.

Look to the ceiling for the cube and the solution, and solve the Magnesis block puzzle.