Breath of the Wild Key Locations

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A list of some of the larger and more important areas in Breath of the Wild.



Akkala - Creating a Champion.png
Main article: Akkala

Central Hyrule

Central Hyrule - BOTW.png
Main article: Central Hyrule


Eldin - Creating a Champion.png
Main article: Eldin (Breath of the Wild)


Faron - BOTW.png
Main article: Faron (Breath of the Wild)


Gerudo - BOTW.png
Main article: Gerudo (Breath of the Wild)


Hebra - BOTW.png
Main article: Hebra


Lanayru - Creating a Champion.png
Main article: Lanayru (Breath of the Wild)


Necluda - BOTW.png
Main article: Necluda


Akkala Highlands

Main article: Akkala Highlands

Death Mountain

Death Mountain - BOTW Wii U.jpg
Main article: Death Mountain (Breath of the Wild)

Deep Akkala

Main article: Deep Akkala

East Necluda

Main article: East Necluda

Eldin Canyon

Main article: Eldin Canyon

Eldin Mountains

Main article: Eldin Mountains

Faron Grasslands

Main article: Faron Grasslands

Gerudo Desert

Gerudo Desert.jpg
Main article: Gerudo Desert (Breath of the Wild)

Gerudo Highlands

Main article: Gerudo Highlands

Great Hyrule Forest

Main article: Great Hyrule Forest

Great Plateau

Main article: Great Plateau

Hebra Mountains

Main article: Hebra Mountains

Hyrule Field

Main article: Hyrule Field (Breath of the Wild)

Hyrule Ridge

Main article: Hyrule Ridge

Lanayru Great Spring

Main article: Lanayru Great Spring

Lanayru Wetlands

Main article: Lanayru Wetlands

Mount Lanayru

Main article: Mount Lanayru

Tabantha Frontier

Main article: Tabantha Frontier

Tabantha Tundra

Main article: Tabantha Tundra

West Necluda

Main article: West Necluda

Bodies of Water

Akkala Sea

Main article: Akkala Sea

Faron Sea

Main article: Faron Sea

Lake Floria

Main article: Lake Floria (Breath of the Wild)

Lake Hylia

Main article: Lake Hylia (Breath of the Wild)

Lanayru Sea

Main article: Lanayru Sea

Necluda Sea

Main article: Necluda Sea


Goron City

Main article: Goron City (Breath of the Wild)

Gerudo Town

Main article: Gerudo Town

Kara Kara Bazaar

Main article: Kara Kara Bazaar

Korok Forest

Main article: Korok Forest

Hateno Village

Main article: Hateno Village

Kakariko Village

Main article: Kakariko Village (Breath of the Wild)

Lurelin Village

Main article: Lurelin Village

Rito Village

Main article: Rito Village

Tarrey Town

Main article: Tarrey Town

Zora's Domain

Main article: Zora's Domain (Breath of the Wild)


Dueling Peaks Stable

Main article: Dueling Peaks Stable

Dueling Peaks Stable is found in West Necluda to the east of Dueling Peaks on the road that runs between Big Twin Bridge and Kakariko Bridge. It sits in the fields southwest of Ash Swamp at the base of the Dueling Peaks mountains. It is staffed by Tasseren, Rensa, Darton, and Shibo.

East Akkala Stable

Main article: East Akkala Stable

Run by Rudi, the East Akkala Stable is found in northeast Akkala on the road leading up to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, at the base of North Akkala Foothill.

Foothill Stable

Main article: Foothill Stable

Staffed by Ozunda and Gaile, Foothill Stable is located on the edge of the Akkala and Eldin provinces, just off the road that winds up Death Mountain. It is near Cephla Lake before the Maw of Death Mountain.

Gerudo Canyon Stable

Main article: Gerudo Canyon Stable

Staffed by Piaffe, Gerudo Canyon Stable is the only stable within the Gerudo province and can be found at the end of the Gerudo Canyon Pass, just before entering the Gerudo Desert by way of the Gerudo Desert Gateway.

Highland Stable

Main article: Highland Stable

Run by Padok and Phanna, the Highland Stable is located in the southern part of the Faron province, in the southeastern Faron Grasslands by the road that circles past Haran Lake off the Fural Plain.

Lakeside Stable

Main article: Lakeside Stable

Lakeside Stable is located in the Faron province, and can be found off the road just west of Floria Bridge and Lake Floria, below the cliffs of Ubota Point. It is staffed by Anly, who manages lending and boarding horses, and Cima who takes care of the horses.

Outskirt Stable

Main article: Outskirt Stable

Outskirt Stable can be found southwest of Hyrule Field, off the road that runs west of the Coliseum Ruins. It is staffed by Embry, who manages boarding and lending horses, and Canni, who assists Link with changing his horse's gear or mane style.

Rito Stable

Main article: Rito Stable

Staffed by Galli and Ariane, Rito Stable is located in the Hebra province. It is on the road that circles Lake Totori where the bridges that cross the lake to Rito Village can be found.

Riverside Stable

Main article: Riverside Stable

Serenne Stable

Main article: Serenne Stable

Snowfield Stable

Main article: Snowfield Stable

South Akkala Stable

Main article: South Akkala Stable

Tabantha Bridge Stable

Main article: Tabantha Bridge Stable

Wetland Stable

Main article: Wetland Stable

Woodland Stable

Main article: Woodland Stable

Divine Beasts

Main article: Divine Beast

Vah Ruta

Vah Ruta - BOTW panorama.png
Main article: Vah Ruta

Divine Beast Vah Ruta is the Divine Beast that was piloted by the Zora Champion Mipha. Its shape resembles an elephant and is initially found in the East Reservoir Lake of Lanayru Province, and later near Ruto Mountain.

Vah Rudania

Main article: Vah Rudania

Divine Beast Vah Rudania is the Divine Beast that was piloted by the Goron Champion Daruk. Its shape resembles a salamander, and is found on Death Mountain of Eldin Province.

Vah Naboris

Main article: Vah Naboris

Divine Beast Vah Naboris is the Divine Beast that was piloted by the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. Its shape resembles a camel and is initially found in the East Barrens of Gerudo Desert, and later atop Spectacle Rock.

Vah Medoh

Main article: Vah Medoh

Divine Beast Vah Medoh is the Divine Beast that was piloted by the Rito Champion Revali. Its shape resembles a bird and is initially found flying a circular pattern over Lake Totori of Tabantha Province, and later perched atop the Rito village spire.

Final Trial (DLC)

Main article: Final Trial

The Final Trial is a dungeon introduced in the second DLC pack, The Champions' Ballad. It is very similar in design to the other beasts. Upon completion, Link receives the Master Cycle Zero.


Great Fairy Fountains

Main article: Great Fairy Fountain

Hyrule Castle

Main article: Hyrule Castle (Breath of the Wild)

Sheikah Towers

Main article: Sheikah Tower

Shrine of Trials

E3 2016 BOTW background (2160p) 04.jpg
Main article: Shrine of Trials