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Juney (Ex-wife)
Yammo (Wife)

Jogo is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Jogo can be found at Rito Village, where he spends his entire day at the Swallow's Roost. He will wake up 5am each morning and stare off to the east. He spends the whole day looking out in the distance before heading back to bed at 9pm. Jogo has traveled to Rito Village with his wife, Juney, for their honeymoon.

The Spark of Romance

Main article: The Spark of Romance

When Link first talks to Jogo, he talks about his marriage with Juney and how they went to visit Rito Village for their honeymoon. However, he doesn't really like it there, as it is fairly cold and his wife keeps complaining about it. It has gotten to the point where she won't even talk to him. He feels that in order to save his marriage, he will need to make her some Baked Apples, but he doesn't have the Flint necessary to start a fire.[1][2] This will begin The Spark of Romance quest where Link will need to bring him some Flint.

When Link returns with Flint, Jogo will be able to smell its acrid scent. He asks if Link would sell it to him and is willing to pay a Silver Rupee for the flint.[3][4] This will complete the quest, although Link can still bring Jogo some more flint so that he can make more baked apples.[5]

If Link has 30 pieces of flint, Jogo will buy them for a total of 250 Rupees, or 8.3 Rupees each. He buys 50 flint for 500 rupees, or 10 rupees each. If Link has less than ten pieces of flint, Jogo buys one for 5 rupees.

Tears of the Kingdom

Jogo can be found hiding in a cabin in the southwestern portion of the Tabantha Hills with Yammo. They were heading to Hebra in search of a rumored legendary shield surfer when the blizzard began.[6][7] Even after the blizzard subsided, Jogo and Yammo continued hiding in the cabin as Bokoblins had settled down directly next to the cabin. Saving Jogo and Yammo from the monsters is the main objective of the Side Quest named Open the Door.

When Link first arrives at the cabin and tries to enter, Jogo is reluctant to open the door, thinking there are still monsters outside.[8] After Link clears the enemies, Yammo mentions that she can't hear the monsters anymore and Jogo agrees to open the door.[9][10] Jogo is very thankful to Link for helping defeat the monsters outside, stating that ever since the Upheaval, there have been more and more monsters.[11][12]



  1. Hey there. Mornin'... So are you staying in Rito Village too? - Jogo
  2. I always liked the simple nature of this village. Although, I'm starting to regret choosing it as my honeymoon destination... It's really cold here and there's not much to do, so my wife is complaining nonstop. She won't even talk to me right now. Oh, man. If this doesn't work, she's going to divorce me for sure! I need to make some baked apples to keep my wife happy... But I don't have any flint to start a fire... - Jogo
  3. That unmistakable, slightly acrid scent... You have some flint on you, don't you? Can you sell me a piece? - Jogo
  4. Th-thanks! As promised, here's your payment. - Jogo
  5. A-all right! Now I can make some baked apples. I still need to make more baked apples to keep my wife happy, so please bring me more flint! - Jogo
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