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Breath of the Wild
Rito Village
Swallow's Roost
Tears of the Kingdom
Talonto Peak Cave

Verla is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Verla is a member of the Rito tribe and can be found on one of the lower elevations near the entrance to Rito Village. He works as a greeter, standing right outside of the Swallow's Roost, encouraging people to stop by and snooze their troubles away.[1] He mentions Divine Beast Vah Medoh up above, who has been terrorizing the village constantly since he appeared. Although he encourages Link to speak with elder to find out more about Vah Medoh.[2] If Link wants to stay at the inn, he encourages Link to head on in and speak with Cecili, the innkeeper.[3]

Verla will take a break at 6am each morning and 6pm each evening, where he will head up a few steps to speak with his friend and fellow greeter, Huck.[4] The two will talk about Vah Medoh, where Link will learn that a long time ago, the Divine Beast use to be on their side.[5][6] They speak about the Champion, Revali, who tamed the beast and used it to protect the village.[7] Verla will also comment about how Revali was quite the marksman, with his arrows always finding their mark.[8]

Verla is upset with Vah Medoh, not only for what it is doing to the village, but also because it is causing business to be slow at the inn, which is hurting Verla's commissions.[9] What they don't understand is that why it suddenly started to attack.[10]

Verla and Huck will occasionally get at odds with each other. Verla accuses Huck of simply repeating whatever the elder states.[11][12][13] Verla will stay and talk with Huck until 12pm, and then 12am, before returning to work in front of Swallow's Roost.[14] So all in all, he works 12-hours a day, and spends 12-hours a day talking with Huck.

Tears of the Kingdom

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  1. Welcome to the Swallow's Roost, the finest inn you will ever step foot in. You must be tired at this late hour. Our inn is the perfect place to snooze your troubles away! - Verla
  2. Haven't you seen it? That monster just appeared one day. It's been terrorizing the village nonstop. We can't take much more of this. Look, I'm just running my mouth here. If you want to know the details, talk to the elder on the top floor. - Verla
  3. Heh... If you want a place to stay, talk to the innkeeper. - Verla
  4. I decided to take a break. Today has been dead anyway, what with that monster flying around up there. - Verla
  5. Oh... You're a traveler. We were just chatting about that monster in the sky. You know. Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Turns out that a long, long time ago, that thing was on our side. - Verla
  6. So that beast was actually something the old village Champion, Revali, rode to protect us back in the day. In other words, that beast in the sky used to be an all of ours. Can you believe it? - Verla
  7. Right. A long time ago, the Champion of Rito Village, Revali, tamed that beast and used it to protect the village. ...According to the elder, at least. And I believe him! - Huck
  8. "All his arrows found their mark; he flew like the wind itself..." That is what they say about Revali. Though as a Hylian, I'm sure you know all about the events of the Great Calamity. - Verla
  9. Business is slow right now, thanks to Divine Beast Vah Medoh up there. It's really ruining my commissions! - Verla
  10. So the story goes, but why did it start attacking us now? - Verla
  11. Hey! I was just about to tell him that! - Huck
  12. Whatever! You're just copying what the elder said anyway! - Verla
  13. Hah! He act like a know-it-all even though he simply regurgitates what the elder says. - Verla
  14. All right. I gotta get back to work. Hey, buddy. You should stop by and take a load off. I work at the Swallow's Roost! - Verla