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Breath of the Wild
Rito Village
Brazen Beak
Tears of the Kingdom
Hebra Peak

Huck is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Huck is a Rito who lives in Rito Village where he serves as a greeter at the Brazen Beak armor shop. Huck encourages Link to stop by the armor shop, in particular if Link is headed up to the Hebra Mountains.[1] The colder climates could cause Link to freeze to death, but the Snowquill Set that is sold at the shop can help Link survive.[2] The clothing is made from the softest and thickets baby feathers that are naturally molted, allowing for the most comfortable material in the coldest of weather.[3]

At 6am and 6pm each day, Huck will take a break from his post to talk to his fellow greeter Verla, who works at the Swallow's Roost. The two will get together to talk about Divine Beast Vah Medoh who can be seen flying up in the sky. [4] The two will talk about how the old village Champion, Revali, rode the Divine Beast and used it to protect the village.[5][6] Unfortunately, Huck talks about how Revali fell in battle 100 years ago during the Great Calamity. Although this has caused all Rito males from birth to be pushed to become an honorable warrior, just like Revali.[7]

Huck and Verla will get into it with one another, with Verla just accusing Huck of repeating everything that the village elder has to say.[8][9][10] The two will talk to each other twice each day, returning to their posts at 12pm and 12am. All in total, they spend 12-hours a day working and 12-hours a day chatting with each other.

Tears of the Kingdom

Huck can be found on the Hebra East Summit, at Hebra Peak, immediately before starting the Rising Island Chain. He wants to investigate what is inside the blizzard.[11]

As part of the Tulin of Rito Village quest, Link and Tulin will arrive at the peak, much to Huck's delight.[12] After finding out that Tulin was given permission to investigate inside the cloud, Huck will mentions that he knows Tulin is the best one for the missiong, especially after seeing his wind-gust technique.[13][14] Huck wonders what's happening above the thunderhead but thinks that Tulin might be the only one capable of finding the truth among the skies.[15][16] Tulin promises that he won't be disappointed.[17][18]

Supply-Eyeing Fliers

Main article: Supply-Eyeing Fliers

After completing the Tulin of Rito Village, Huck can also be found on a hilltop in the Tabantha Hills. He is in the middle of trying to take supplies from Snowfield Stable to Rito Village, but some monsters have stopped him from being able to do so safely. He offers Link the Side Quest named Supply-Eyeing Fliers.[19][20][21]

The easiest way to take care of the Aerocudas is to simply aim at them with an Arrow and attach a Keese Eyeball. The arrow while be guided and hit the Aerocuda. Defeat all three of them to complete the quest. As a reward for helping him out, Huck will give Link a Purple Rupee.[22][23]


  1. Hey, sport. On your way to the mountains? If you plan to go someplace cold, you should consider buying some of our warm clothes. - Huck
  2. Go up into the Hebra Mountains or anywhere higher than here, and even experienced climbers freeze to death! But bundle up with some of our warm clothes, and even an amateur can make it to the summit! So come on! Check out our wares! - Huck
  3. Welcome to Brazen Beak, armor shop extraordinaire. There is no need to be shy, sport! We have incredible gear made from the very pride of the Rito-our plumage! But it isn't as if I just tore out some of feathers and glued them on a shirt. No, we eave together only the softest, thickest baby feathers that are naturally molted with the changing of the seasons. You will not find clothes of this quality anywhere else! With my clothing, you'll stay comfy in the coldest of weather! - Huck
  4. Howdy! ...I mean, hey. We were just talkabout that beast in the sky. - Huck
  5. Long ago, the village Champion, Revali, tamed that thing and used it to protect the village. - Huck
  6. So that beast was actually something the old village Champion, Revali, rode to protect us back in the day. In other words, that beast in the sky used to be an all of ours. Can you believe it? - Verla
  7. Not that I was there to see it, but... Revali was one of the warriors who died in battle 100 years ago during the Great Calamity. All Rito males are urged from birth to become honorable warriors just like Revali. No pressure, right? I mean, he was basically the greatest warrior to ever live. - Huck
  8. Hey! I was just about to tell him that! - Huck
  9. Whatever! You're just copying what the elder said anyway! - Verla
  10. Hah! He act like a know-it-all even though he simply regurgitates what the elder says. - Verla
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