Rising Island Chain

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Rising Island Chain
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Rising Island Chain is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Rising Island Chain is a series of islands located in the Hebra Mountains Sky above the Hebra Mountains. During the Tulin of Rito Village quest, Link and Tulin need to scale the islands to reach the source of the blizzard. To begin the area, Link needs to be wearing at least one Cold Resistance clothing article. By the end of the area it is cold enough that two articles are required to prevent taking damage.

The islands are broken and fragmented, coming in all shapes and sizes. The distance between them varies, with one island being directly next to another and others being across impossible to travel gaps. For the latter, Link must work with Tulin and his Power of Wind ability to traverse them. A few areas can be crossed with the help of the ships floating nearby, which Link can jump on to get some needed height.

There are two Shrines located in the island chain; the Mayaumekis Shrine is found early on, and the Kahatanaum Shrine can be found near the end. The shrines are useful as a traveling point if Link needs to divert to another area temporarily.

At the top of the area is the Stormwind Ark, surrounded by many ships circling the storm. Link needs to jump from ship to ship, climbing the area until he reaches the top of the storm, from which he can paraglide into the eye of the storm.