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Breezer is a wagon in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Breezer is the "beloved" wagon of the Stable Trotters. It was damaged when a "woman with blond hair" jumped out in front of them during the Upheaval, losing several wheels. Link finds it and the remains of the Stable Trotters, Mastro and Violynne, at Woodland Stable being interviewed by Penn on the subject. To coax the Great Fairy Tera out of her bud, Link needs Violynne to play for her, and this requires him to repair Breezer using Ultrahand and spare wheels from the stable. He must then use one of his own horses, equipped with a Towing Harness, to pull Breezer with the musicians in it - without disturbing them unduly - all the way to the Military Training Camp, where the Great Fairy Fountain sits.

After that is done, he meets with the troupe again at Outskirt Stable where, even after Pyper returns to the group, they cannot play for Kaysa as Breezer lost all four wheels attempting to travel up a rubble-strewn path to the bud which is impassible by horse and wagon. Fortunately, a Stone Slab with three Big Wheels attached and another nearby, along with a steering stick, allows Link to convert Breezer to a horseless all-terrain carriage, allowing him to transport the musicians to Kaysa's bud.

Later, at Dueling Peaks Stable, Link finds the Stable Trotters stuck on the wrong side of the Squabble River for Cotera with the destruction of the Big Twin Bridge from sky debris. After Beetz's return, they removed Breezer's wheels in an attempt to boat across, but the current was too fast. If Link examines the sky debris, he finds a wing, fans and a battery; with which he can convert Breezer to glide over the river and transport the musicians to the bud, although if he dips under the water, the troupe panics and he must return to the starting point.

After this, at Snowfield Stable, he finds Breezer surprisingly intact and relatively normal, although even after Eustus' return to the troupe, the Stable Trotters refuse to travel to Mija's bud without a roof. Mastro did set up some posts for a roof, and Link can use nearby building materials to attach a crude roof to Breezer that suffices. After this, he only needs to pull the wagon by horse as "normal" up to Mija.

With all four Great Fairies coaxed from their hiding, the fully-reunited musical troupe then travel to all the main stables of Hyrule in Breezer to play.