Harfin Valley

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Harfin Valley is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Harfin Valley is located in the Lake Tower region, found on the pathway heading west from the Highland Stable, leading towards the Menoat River. The main attaction here is a Stalnox that will appear during the overnight hours. After 5am, if the Stalnox is not defeated, it will burrow underground, waiting to come back the next evening.

At the north end of the valley there is a set of cracked boulders against the wall. Link can bomb the boulders to find a treasure chest that contains a Knight's Halberd. There is a Bladed Rhino Beetle on one of the trees in the area. While there is some grass, the only vegetation that Link can find is a Hearty Radish that is on the floor, as well as some Palm Fruit growing at the top of the trees.