Breath of the Wild Key Items

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Sheikah-slate2.png Sheikah SlateA mysterious tablet with a glowing center. You've never seen this device before, and yet...there's something familiar about it.
Paraglider.png ParagliderAn item that you received from the king on the Great Plateau. It allows you to sail through the sky.
Mipha-grace.png Mipha's GraceA restorative power born from the spirit of the Champion Mipha. When your hearts run out, you'll automatically be resurrected with full health plus temporary bonus hearts.
Revali-gale.png Revali's GaleA blusterous power born from the spirit of the Champion Revali. Creates an upward draft that carries you into the sky.
Daruk-protection.png Daruk's ProtectionA protective power containing the perfect defense of the Champion Daruk. It will automatically protect you from all manner of attacks.
Urbosa-fury.png Urbosa's FuryA destructive power born from the unbridled anger of the Champion Urbosa. Summons powerful lightning to the surrounding area.
KorokSeed.png Korok SeedThis small seed was given to you by a Korok. It has a distinct smell. If you gather a bunch of them, you never know what may happen...
Spirit-orb.png Spirit OrbA symbol of courage given to those who have overcome the challenges of a shrine.
Medal of Honor- Talus.png Medal of Honor: TalusA medal presented by Kilton in somber honor of having defeated every Stone Talus. Taking the life of a monster is a solemn act, but at times it must be done.
Medal of Honor- Hinox.png Medal of Honor: HinoxA medal presented by Kilton in somber honor of having defeated every Hinox. Ending a monster's life is never an easy task, but at times it is a necessary one.
Medal of Honor- Molduga.png Medal of Honor: MoldugaA medal presented by Kilton in somber honor of having defeated every Molduga. Slaying a monster is a heavy burden to bear. You must steel yourself to carry that weight.
Classified Envelope.png Classified EnvelopeInside the envelope is a picture of a beautiful young woman of the Sheikah tribe.
Hestu-maracas.png Hestu's MaracasHestu's beloved maracas. He's been shaking them since he was two years old.
Hestu's Gift.png Hestu's GiftA gift of friendship given to you by Hestu. It smells pretty bad.
Travel-medallion.jpg Travel MedallionThis mysterious tool was made using forgotten ancient technology. Place it by opening your pouch and registering your current location as a travel gate.

Horse Gear

Travelers-bridle.png Traveler's BridleA standard bridle. The design doesn't really stand out, which is why it's well suited to any type of horse. A favorite among peddlers and travelers alike.
Travelers-saddle.png Traveler's SaddleA standard saddle designed for comfort during long journeys. Its durable material holds strong in all sorts of weather, which has made it a favorite among travelers.
Knights-bridle.png Knight's BridleHyrulean knights once outfitted their horses with this bridle. It boasts additional armor to protect the horse's head and neck.
Knights-saddle.png Knight's SaddleHyrulean knights favored this saddle. Only the most elite among them were allowed to outfit their mounts with it.
Royal-bridle.png Royal BridleThis bridle is well known for being the favorite of the Hyrulean royal family. Its gold ornamentations leave an impression, but its true value lies in its solid craftsmanship.
Royal-saddle.png Royal SaddleThe shimmering emblem design of this saddle signifies its origins with the Hyrulean royal family. They say Princess Zelda herself once used this saddle for her own beloved horse.
Extravagant-bridle.png Extravagant BridleMost often used in festivals, this gem of a bridle is decorated with some charming little feathers. It's great for adding just a splash of color to any horse.
Extravagant-saddle.png Extravagant SaddleThis ornamental saddle is used in festivals. The delicate embroidery and arrangement of gems leaves a lasting impression. It's perfect for those who want to stand out.
Monster-bridle.png Monster BridleThis bridle was handmade by Kilton, but it looks like he may have had some monstrous horse in mind when he made it. It includes a mask that conceals the horse's head.
Monster-saddle.png Monster SaddleKilton hand made this saddle. Apparently he had some monstrous horse in mind as he worked on it. It looks strange but is certainly usable.