Breath of the Wild Two-Handed Weapons

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Two-handed weapons are a category of weapons in Breath of the Wild.


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Two-Handed Weapons

Korok-leaf.png Korok LeafA single swing of this giant, sturdy leaf can create a gust of wind strong enough to blow away light objects. These will sometimes fall off trees as they're chopped down.
Farming-hoe.png Farming HoeA farming tool primarily used for tilling fields. Its fine craftsmanship is sturdy enough to withstand backbreaking fieldwork, but its battle applications are untested.
Boat-oar.png Boat OarMade for paddling boats, but it was made sturdy enough to fight strong currents. Maybe it's useful for self-defense in a pinch.
Woodcutters-axe.png Woodcutter's AxeA woodcutter's tool of choice for felling trees. Its formidable weight and uneven balancing make it a slow, inefficient weapon.
Double-axe.png Double AxeThis double-sided axe was designed with fighting in mind. It's a bit unwieldy, so it requires a well-practiced technique to use efficiently.
Iron-sledgehammer.png Iron SledgehammerThis large iron sledgehammer was originally used for mining, but it works reasonably well as a weapon too.
Giant-boomerang.png Giant BoomerangThis massive boomerang requires two hands. Originally used for hunting, it was modified for use as a weapon. The blades on the inner curves make it a bit trick to wield.
Travelers-claymore.png Traveler's ClaymoreA basic two-handed sword often wielded by aspiring adventurers. Its immense weight can knock enemies' shields right out of their hands.
Soldiers-claymore.png Soldier's ClaymoreA two-handed sword designed for combat. It's heavy and hard to use but has decent build quality and durability.
Knights-claymore.png Knight's ClaymoreOnly the most confident of Hyrule Castle's knights carried this two-handed sword. Its cutting edge is finely honed.
Royal-claymore.png Royal ClaymoreA two-handed sword issued to the Hyrulean royal family's immediate guard detail. Its powerful strikes are said to crush an opponent's body and resolve alike.
Silver-longsword.png Silver LongswordAlthough the Zora prefer spears to swords, they made this two-handed weapon using a special metal. It found popularity among Hylians for its unique design.
Cobble-crusher.png Cobble CrusherA Goron-made two-handed weapon. It's made from thick, hard metal and has no cutting edge, so it relies on its sheer weight to crush all opponents.
Stone-smasher.png Stone SmasherA two-handed weapon forged from a rare metal mined in Goron City. Its center of gravity is at its tip, so it uses centrifugal force and its sheer weight to smash opponents flat.
Boulder-breaker.png Boulder BreakerThis two-handed weapon was once wielded by the Goron Champion Daruk. Daruk made swinging it around look easy, but a Hylian would need and immense amount of strength.
Golden-claymore.png Golden ClaymoreOnly the most talented Gerudo sword fighters carry this two-handed sword. It's actually much lighter than it appears and is surprisingly easy to wield.
Eightfold-longsword.png Eightfold LongbladeA single-edged sword seldom seen in Hyrule. This weapon is passed down through the Sheikah tribe and has an astonishingly shape edge ideal for slicing.
Edge-of-duality.png Edge of DualityA curious double-edged sword crafted using Sheikah technology. It was originally made for Hyrulean knights unfamiliar with single-edged blades.
Ancient-bladesaw.png Ancient BladesawThis two-handed sword was forged using ancient Sheikah technology. Its unique rotating blades give it impressive cutting power that will slice enemies to shreds.
Rusty-claymore.png Rusty ClaymoreA two-handed sword not properly cared for. Although it can be used as a weapon, its durability is very low. Don't expect it to last for more than a few strikes.
Royal-guards-claymore.png Royal Guard's ClaymoreThe Sheikah used the very essence of ancient technology to forge this greatsword. It was designed to oppose the Calamity, but its low durability made it impractical in battle.
Great-flameblade.png Great FlamebladeThis magic-infused greatsword was forged in the fires of Death Mountain by Goron smiths in an ancient age. Attack when the blade glows red to expel flames.
Botw-frostblade.png Great FrostbladeThis magic infused greatsword was forged by smelting ore found in the Hebra Mountains' permafrost. Attack when the blade glows blue to expel freezing air.
Great-thunderblade.png Great ThunderbladeThis magic-infused greatsword was forged by the Hyrulean royal family using lightning from the Hyrule Hills. Attack when the blade glows golden to expel lightning.
Boko-bat.png Boko BatA clunky club made by a Bokoblin. If you swing it at an enemy's shield it may be able to knock the shield out of your foe's hand.
Spiked-boko-bat.png Spiked Boko BatAfter much consideration by Bokoblins on how to improve the Boko bat, they simply attached sharp spikes to it. A skilled fighter can cause immense damage with this.
Dragonbone-boko-bat.png Dragonbone Boko BatUsed only by the toughest Bokoblin warriors, this Boko bat has been fortified by fossilized bone. It boasts a high durability and is strong enough to beat down powerful foes.
Moblin-club.png Moblin ClubA crudely fashioned club favored by Moblins. It's carved from a sturdy tree but is sloppily made, so it breaks easily.
Spiked-moblin-club.png Spiked Moblin ClubAnimal bone has been affixed to this Moblin club to greatly improve its damage.
Dragonbone-moblin-club.png Dragonbone Moblin ClubThe bone of an ancient beast has been affixed to this Moblin club, further increasing its damage. Moblins carrying these in battle are particularly dangerous.
Ancient-axe.png Ancient Battle AxeA weapon used by Guardian Scouts. Its unique blade was forged using ancient technology. Although powerful, its unusual shape causes it to break easily.
Ancient-axe+.png Ancient Battle Axe+This ancient battle axe's damage output has been increased to maximum. It's sharp enough to cut through almost anything, so it may have been used to forge new routes.
Ancient-axe++.png Ancient Battle Axe++This ancient battle axe's damage output is scaled up to peak performance. Ancient technology makes it possible to enhance cutting power beyond metal weapons' limits.
Lynel-crusher.png Lynel CrusherThis Lynel-made two-handed weapon has been reinforced to increase its durability and striking power. Its overwhelming heft will crush your foe, shield and all.
Mighty-lynel-crusher.png Mighty Lynel CrusherThis Lynel-made two-handed weapon has been reinforced to increase its durability and striking power. Its overwhelming heft will crush your foe, shield and all.
Savage-lynel-crusher.png Savage Lynel CrusherThis Lynel-made two-handed weapon is immensely heavy thank to a rare metal from Death Mountain's peak. The power of its downward swing is in a class all of its own.
Windcleaver.png WindcleaverThis sword is favored by high-ranking members of the Yiga. When wielded by a proficient fighter, its unique shape cleaves the very wind and creates a vacuum.
Moblin-arm.png Moblin ArmA Moblin bone that continues to move even after being detached from its body. The bone is thick enough to be used as a weapon but is extremely brittle and easily broken.