Blizzard Rod

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Blizzard Rod

Base Power


Base Durability


Best Possible Bonus

+16 attack power
+16 durability




Casting balls of extreme cold


"A magical rod that can cast extreme cold in a wide range. These are crafted from refined ice found at the summit of Hebra peak. It will break when depleted."

— In-Game Description

The Blizzard Rod is an elemental rod found in Breath of the Wild. It has a base melee power of 10, but its main purpose is to cast powerful balls of frost which have the ability to freeze enemies in their tracks. It is an upgraded version of the Ice Rod, with a higher damage output and the ability to cast three balls of frost at any given time. If an enemy gets caught in the Blizzard Rod's frost, the damage done to that enemy while it's frozen will take 3x the usual damage.

They are carried by Blizzrobes, who drop them when defeated by Link.