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Travels the road between Hateno Village and Dueling Peaks Stable.

Joute is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Joute can be found riding his horse, night and day. He journeys from the Dueling Peaks Stable, through Fort Hateno, and all the way through Hateno Village. He will pass through Hateno Village, stopping under a tree that is on the route to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, before then turning around a journeying back to the Dueling Peaks Stable. Other than brief stops, Joute continuously rides his spotted-blue horse, day and night. While Joute has a Wooden Shield, he never actually uses it in battle. While on his path, if he encounters an enemy Bokoblin, Stalkoblin, or Chuchu, he will avoid combat by riding away on his horse.

Joute is fascinated with horses and has extensive knowledge.[1][2] Joute will talk about a number of topics related to horses and what he talks about is dependent on where he currently is on his route. When he is near Fort Hateno, he talks about feeding horses and in particular their love for Carrots, letting Link know that he can purchase some over at Kakariko Village.[3][4] When he's east of Fort Hateno, he talks about the Equestrian Riding Course located to the east.[5]

There are a few things that annoy Joute, in particular he does not like when people ride their horses rapidly through villages.[6] Joute also does not like the rain, and when it does rain, he will ride his horse rapidly to try to reach a drier area.[7]

Joute will also comment that Link can ride other animals other than horses, although he himself prefers just riding a horse.[8][9] He will also teach Link that shooting an arrow while on a horse can be very effective in battling against monsters.[10][11]

Joute's knowledge of horses extends to how to catch a horse, the different varieties, and their well-being.[12][13][14]




  1. I don't know much about much, but I know a bunch about horsies. So if you wanna hear about horsies, listen up. Like, when you catch a wild horsey, you should take it to a stable. Once you register it, you'll get a saddle and bridle. - Joute
  2. I'm warning you, I only talk horse tal. Not, like, talking the way horses talk. I meant talking about horses. There are several types of horses, for instance. Fast ones. Powerful ones. Get to know what your horses is good at. - Joute
  3. Horses like carrots. So maybe go buy some over in Kakariko Village and try feeding them to a horse. - Joute
  4. Are you ready for some top-secret horse-based intel? There's a food that horses just love. It's...carrots. Yeah, I suppose that doesn't seem pretty obvious in retrospect. By the way, you can buy carrots in Kakariko Village. - Joute
  5. You want me to point out some local areas of interest? Sorry, but I only talk about horses. All day, every day. Although...if you had east from here, you'll find the ruins of the old horse training ground. It's pretty important. Shows up on maps and everything. Sounds like it's got a bit of a monster infestation goin' on now... - Joute
  6. Promise you won't ride your horse full tile through villages. Nothing worse than being a nuisance to people. - Joute
  7. I don't care much to go out on rainy days. Me and my horsey don't like getting wet. - Joute
  8. Horsies aren't the only animals you can ride. If you see an animal you think you can ride, why not give it a shot? - Joute
  9. We all know horsies are special...but they're not the only animals that'll let people ride them. I wouldn't waste my time on anything but a horse, look like the type of person who doesn't discriminate. - Joute
  10. Here's the truth, straight from the horse's mouth: the only thing I'm good for is horses and horse facts. Take this, for instance: did you know that you can shoot arrows from horseback? It's a good option if you want to pop a few shots off without any monsters getting any swings in at you. - Joute
  11. Try shooting your bow from horseback. Run your horse around the monsters to avoid their attacks while striking at them. - Joute
  12. The secret to catching horses is to approach them quietly from behind and then hop on quick! Once you're on, give 'em a little pet to let them know you care. - Joute
  13. Horses can get tired after galloping for a long time. Take a moment to check in and see how your horsey's doing! - Joute
  14. There are all kinds of horses, so get to know yours, and find one that's suited to what you need. - Joute