Equestrian Riding Course

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Equestrian Riding Course

Equestrian Riding Course is a location in Breath of the Wild.


Breath of the Wild

The riding course is an unmarked location on the map located just east of the Hateno Tower, north of Lake Jarrah, and west of Camphor Pond. While traveling from Fort Hateno towards Hateno Village, there is a fork in the road, with the path that heads southward going towards the Equestrian Riding Course. The area is a mixture of some old ruins, as well as a forest to the west. Despite it being a rather small wooded area, there is a variety of animal life here, including a Mountain Buck, Mountain Doe, Mountain Goat, and a Woodland Boar. It's not very safe for these animals as the riding course is filled with enemies, with both Red Bokoblin and Blue Bokoblin, along with numerous Red Moblins. These enemies will hunt down the animals if they come near.

The primary pathway is a circle and there are numerous bullseye targets all along. Link can shoot each of the ten targets with an arrow and this will cause a balloon to appear on top of the cabin at the southwest part of the area. Link can then shoot the balloon to make a Korok appear. Within the cabin itself, there is a treasure chest that contains 10 Arrows.

At the south end of the area, on the higher elevation, there is a steel door that can be lifted up using Magnesis. Lift the rock that is underneath to find a Korok.