Tabahl Woods Well

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Tabahl Woods Well




Tabahl Woods Well is a location in Tears of the Kingdom. It is one of 58 Wells that can be found in the Overworld.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Tabahl Woods Wells is located in the Tabahl Woods, west of Ralis Pond and north of the Bank of Wishes.

Inside the well, there is a Boulder that Link can move with Ultrahand, leading to a hidden cave. There are a pair of Soldier Construct Horns on the table, as well as some barrels. The room also has an unlit Cooking Pot. Next to the Cooking Pot is a Note on the Table that talks about cooking inedible items. The Soldier Construct Horns are from Soldier Construct Is and despite efforts, Chef Aurie Taamu was unable to find an elixir use for these enemy drops.

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