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The Mapla Point is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. It is a headland which overlooks the Necluda Sea.

Breath of the Wild

Mapla Point is located at the far east end of the map, east of Hateno Village. It is surrounded by water on three sides, with the Solewood Range to the northwest, Deepback Bay to the west, and the Necluda Sea in all other directions.

The main attraction at Mapla Point is the Stone Talus that is found down below near the water. In the water itself, Link will find some Armored Porgy, as well as some Mighty Porgy in the deeper water out to sea. There are several Ore Deposits in the area surrounding the water, as well as on the higher elevations.

Four different Korok Seeds can be found near Mapla Point. There is a circle of lilypads that can be jumped into within the water. There is a circle of rocks at the south of the Mapla Point and three small rocks need to be put in place to complete the circle. Along the west side of the area, there are a series of flowers Link can collect, leading up to a white flower that reveals the Korok. At the north part of Mapla Point, there is a pinwheel on top of the highest elevation. Shoot the balloons that appear to get the fourth Korok.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Stand near the pinwheel and shoot down all three balloon targets.

Stand near the pinwheel and shoot down all three balloon targets.

Fill in all three missing spots in the ring of rocks.

Fill in all three missing spots in the ring of rocks. The rocks are nearby in each direction.

Follow the yellow flower trail up the hill.

The flower trail begins to the south, and goes up the grassy incline.

Jump into the ring of water lilies.

Jump, fall, dive, or accidentally stumble into the ring of water lilies.

Tears of the Kingdom

Mapla Point can be found well east of Hateno Village. The point overlooks the Lanayru Sea to the east and the Necluda Sea to the south.

Addison can be found holding a Hudson Sign at the east point of the area, a bit up the cliff. If Link helps him hold up the sign, he'll be rewarded with a Red Rupee, some Electro Mushroom Rice Balls, and a Muddle Bud.

In the water at the south end of Mapla Point there are some fallen Zonai Ruins. Link can use Ascend to get inside the ruins to find a chest that has three Zonaite. Flying in the area are numerous Aerocudas, many of which are carrying some Blue Lizalfos. One of the Aerocudas is carrying a chest that holds ten Arrows.

Mapla Point Cave

Main article: Mapla Point Cave

The Mapla Point Cave can be found along the Lanayru Sea to the east.

Korok Seeds

  • At the peak of Mapla Point atop the large rock, there is a smaller rock Link can lift. Pick it up to get the Korok Seed.



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