Silver Boss Bokoblin

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"The mightiest of all Boss Bokoblins. It's a wonder that they're related at all to the lowly, garden-variety Bokoblin. The evil power of the Demon King dwells in their bodies and horns, enabling formidable attacks. And watch out for the elite minions that hang around them too."

— In-game description

Silver Boss Bokoblins are larger enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

These large overworld enemies usually serve as mini-bosses that surround a Bokoblin Camp. They have significantly more power and health than their smaller Silver Bokoblin counterparts. When defeated, they will drop Boss Bokoblin Fangs, Boss Bokoblin Guts, and a Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn.

In spite of its huge shape and naming, it does not count as a boss in-game.