Frost Gleeok

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"This three-headed monster first appeared after the Upheaval. Fighting it alone is inadvisable, as its three heads will attack you all at once. Creates blistering cold air within its body. When someone sets foot upon its turf, this beast will freeze the intruder and their surroundings in ice."

— In-Game Description

Frost Gleeok are sub-bosses that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Frost Gleeok are large-three headed dragons and are a variant of the Gleeok. Their massive size towers over Link and other Overworld enemies that are encountered. A Frost Gleeok can be seen patrolling near Snowfield Stable in the South Tabantha Snowfield, another can be seen flying about Biron Snowshelf and a third on top of the Gerudo Summit.


Like other Gleeoks, Frost Gleeok will flap its large wings to push Link away and prevent him from getting too close to it. It will attack with all three heads spitting a ice beam either on the ground or while hovering in the air, which can be parried away. Additionally, Frost Gleeoks while on the ground can spit several volleys of fast rolling snowballs at Link. It is best to fight Frost Gleeoks while wearing either Zant's Helmet, or the Snowquill Set after it has been upgraded at least twice, to render Link immune to being frozen and minimize damage. All three heads have their own small health pool while they are active and will have to all be taken out in order to knock the Gleeok to the ground for a window to deal significant damage. This will deal crit damage with every blow to the Gleeok's heads. When the Frost Gleeok is down about a quarter health, it will start hovering in the air spitting out large balls of ice, which can be parried back at the three heads. Usually after a series of direct shots towards Link, it will finish with a flurry of frost balls all over the arena. These balls of frost will explode on the ground into large spiked ice in the shape of snowflakes, which will shatter and damage Link if he touches them.

When the Frost Gleeok is near death, it will fly up to an immense height. It will unleash a large circular ice storm from the sky, causing large icicles to rain down upon the ground around Link's location. Using Recall, Link can climb onto one of the icicles before it breaks and rewind its motion to carry him up into the sky until he is level with the altitude of the Frost Gleeok. From there he can fire arrows at the three heads to knock the Gleeok back to the ground, which it will take a large hit of damage from falling at such a large height. This will either outright defeat the Frost Gleeok, or leave it at a small enough amount of remaining health that Link can easily finish it off. When defeated, Frost Gleeoks will drop three Gleeok Frost Horns, Gleeok Wings, and occasionally the valuable Gleeok Guts.

A way to make quick work of all Gleeoks is to utilize strong multi-shot bows, such as Savage Lynel Bows and the Great Eagle Bow, and fuse the arrows with Eyeballs so that all three heads can be taken out in very quick succession, often in a single volley if using a five-shot Lynel Bow. For Frost Gleeoks, Fire Keese Eyeballs are especially recommended, as a single arrow with this fused to it can take out one of the three heads in a single shot.