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Mayro is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Mayro is a Hylian who can be found at the Foothill Stable. He spends his entire day staring out at the painting that is on the wall. Mayro adores artwork and in particular loves the painting that is on display at the stable. The painting was created by Ozunda, the owner of the stable. It pictures Death Mountain and the Foothill Stable in the background.[1] Mayro hopes to someday be able to capture the same majesty that Ozunda did with this work.[2]

At 10pm each evening, Mayro will go to sleep in one of the beds at the stable. Then at 6am he will wake back up, walking over to the painting.

A Landscape of a Stable

Main article: A Landscape of a Stable

As soon Link speaks with Mayro, this will begin the A Landscape of a Stable shrine quest. In the painting that is on the wall, a Shrine of Trials can be seen on the far left. The goal is to head to this exact location, where Death Mountain and the stable can be seen. From there, Link will be able to see the Tah Muhl Shrine. Once Link activates the pedestal at the shrine, this will complete the Shrine Quest.



  1. I wish I had this kind of artistic skill... Have you come to look at this picture too? It's so beautiful... I could spend hours just looking at it. This painting was made by Ozunda, the owner of this stable, or so I hear. That volcano in the background... it's so majestic. And the stable is subtle in the scenery. I think the stable was painted from a southern direction... The composition is just so impressive... - Mayro
  2. I hope that someday I can capture the same majesty that Ozunda does in my own work. - Mayro