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Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between Foothill Stable and west Lake Intenoch
Tears of the Kingdom
Lookout Landing

Kairo is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Kairo is a Goron who can be found patrolling back and forth along the path from the Foothill Stable, through the Maw of Death Mountain. He will stop at a broken down wagon, staring out towards the Guardian Stalker in the distance, before then turning around and heading back to the stable. He walks the same exact route as the Hylian, Dayto. He is a traveling merchant who deals in expensive ore, including rare Topaz, Ruby, and Sapphire.[1][2][3] He is good pals with Yunobo, the Goron that helps Link enter the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[4]

Kairo used to work at the Goron Hot Springs in Goron City, but he got sick of it. He wanted to travel the world, visiting places that are much different than the setting of Goron City. He wants to go somewhere cold, as well as somewhere where there are green trees and hills.[5][6]

Kairo will occasionally give Link some advice on the region. He mentions that for a Hylian like Link, a Fireproof Elixir will help him withstand the heat. However, while he knows a Fireproof Lizard is required, he doesn't know what it needs to be mixed with to make an elixir.[7][8] Kairo will also mention that while Goron City and Death Mountain can be dangerous, they are excellent places to find some high quality chunks of ore.[9][10] He warns Link to beware of the Magma Bombs, as they can be dangerous even to Gorons, so Link should be careful.[11][12][13]

If at anytime Kairo encounters an enemy, he will run away in fear.[14] If Link defeats the enemy and then speaks with Kairo, he will thank him for fight off the enemy, rewarding him with a meal, some ore, or some rupees.[15] Kairo is always courteous to Link, even if he doesn't buy or sell any goods from him.[16]

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Tears of the Kingdom

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Kairo can be found in the center of Lookout Landing, being chastised by Zorona for not remembering how to reach Goron City. The two will soon leave and agree to stop at a Bistro that Kairo is fond of.

After traversing the land, he and Zorona have set up camp in front of Gerudo Town, where they are being denied entry, as a pair of voe. Kairo hits back by saying his friend got in, so he should be allowed to too, a fact vehemently defined by the guards. Kairo's friend is either Lyndae or Strade, both of whom got into Gerudo Town in Breath of the Wild. As Lyndae is still walking the path through the Gerudo Region, he and Kairo would have crossed paths, suggesting it's him who told Kairo that Gorons could visit the town.



  1. All right, let's get down to brass tacks. Feel free to browse my wares! - Kairo
  2. I have some rare ore burning a hole in my pack! Take your time looking it over, and let me know what you want. - Kairo
  3. It's a Goron's nature to live in harmony with rocks. I make a living selling the ore I dig up, and I eat the tastier stones! - Kairo
  4. I wonder if my old buddy Yunobo back in Goron City is doing well. Oops. Ya caught me talking to myself. - Kairo
  5. I got plain sick and tired of working the Goron Hot Springs in Goron City, so I decided to just up and leave. I'm going to see the world! I want to see somewhere cold, I want to see green trees and hills! - Kairo
  6. I am more suited to the life of a traveling merchant for sure. The scenery is much nicer than the Goron Hot Springs. - Kairo
  7. A fireproof elixir will help a little Hylian like you stand up to this heat. Just cook a fireproof lizard with a... With a, um... Huh. I just can't remember. - Kairo
  8. The mountain road is pretty dangerous because of how hot it gets. If you're taking a trip to Goron City, be sure to bring some fire protection. - Kairo
  9. Those chunks of ore I dug up from Death Mountain are pretty high quality. Take a look and you'll dig 'em too! - Kairo
  10. Goron City is the fifth stop on this road. It can be a pretty dangerous place, but there's a lot of ore to be mined. - Kairo
  11. Getting hit by a magma bomb even hurts us Gorons! If you're thinking about going for a climb on Death Mountain, you had better be careful. - Kairo
  12. Is it normal for magma bombs to not rain down nonstop? I just don't understand the weather around here. - Kairo
  13. If you're heading to Goron City's famed Goron Hot Springs, watch out for magma bombs on the way. I haven't had to worry about them since leaving to travel the world, and I do NOT miss dodging those things. - Kairo
  14. We had better make a break for it while we can. - Kairo
  15. Those monsters are pretty scary. I survived? All right! Here, take this as a thank you, brother. - Kairo
  16. Maybe we'll meet again down the road! - Kairo