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Travels the road between Foothill Stable and west Lake Intenoch

Dayto is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Dayto is a traveler who can be along the path near the Foothill Stable. He wields a Traveler's Sword and Hunter's Shield. He walks from the Foothill Stable northward, through the Maw of Death Mountain. He stops near a broken down wagon, glancing out in the direction where a Guardian Stalker can be found. After looking for a while, he will turn back around, heading towards the stable. Despite carrying a sword and shield, Dayto will avoid all battles with any enemies that appear.[1] In particular if a Guardian appears, where he will then run for his life.[2] If Link fights off any enemies that are nearby, Dayto will thank him, rewarding him with a meal or some rupees.[3][4][5]

Dayto is constantly questioning himself, wondering what he should do next. He considers some inconsequential decisions as some of his next big life decisions, where he is not sure what to do. These are sometimes rudimentary decisions, such as which direction he should head, should he walk or ride or a horse, or if he should stop and take a nap.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18]



  1. Something tells me...we aren't quite out of danger yet... - Dayto
  2. It's coming! A Guardian is coming! Run for your lives! - Dayto
  3. Ugh... I'm totally dropping with a cold sweat after that! Here, take this. For helping me out of that dilemma. - Dayto
  4. Phew... That was a terrifying dilemma! Here, take this. For helping me out of that dilemma. - Dayto
  5. Huh? I'm... I'm alive?! It's a miracle! Here, take this. For helping me out of that dilemma. - Dayto
  6. Hmm... Should I head west or east? A troubling dilemma... Wait a moment... I just remembered I have no sense of direction, so it doesn't matter which way I go. - Dayto
  7. There's no decision to be made here. East or west-it's all the same to me! - Dayto
  8. My next big life decision... To save the horse, or to save my feet? - Dayto
  9. My next big life decision... Is a fireproof elixir within my grasp?! - Dayto
  10. My next big life decision... To boldly fight, or to boldly run? - Dayto
  11. Hmm... Should I continue my adventure or quit while I'm ahead? A troubling dilemma... But I guess there is a secret third option. I could take an hour-long nap. - Dayto
  12. Hmm... Should I travel by horseback or continue on foot? A troubling dilemma... Moreover, if I continue on foot, do I start with my left foot or my right foot? A less troubling dilemma... - Dayto
  13. My next big life decision... Should I keep moving forward, or should I turn back? - Dayto
  14. My next big life decision... To continue my adventure, or to quit? Or to take a nap... - Dayto
  15. My next big life decision... Can I take the heat, or should I get out of the kitchen? - Dayto
  16. My next big life decision... To rest, or not to rest? - Dayto
  17. My next big life decision... To challenge the volcano, or to simply... not? - Dayto
  18. My next big life decision... Should I follow my instincts or follow my map? - Dayto