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Strade (Companion)

Lyndae is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Lyndae is a Goron who has traveled to Gerudo Town. He tries to speak the Gerudo language, but he seems to struggle with it, forgetting some of the words and also struggling to make the 'V' sounds of some of them.[1][2] Even some of the Gerudo children have made fun of Lyndae for his inability to pronounce the words correctly.[3]

Despite being a male, Lyndae was able to enter Gerudo Town. Since the Goron race is an all male-race, it seems to be the exception for the Gerudo, as they freely allow Gorons to enter Gerudo Town.[4]



  1. Um... Savasava? Sava...sotta? Anyway, good evening! Gerudo words are really hard to remember. I think "sav" is part of half of them, but there's some starting with V... - Lyndae
  2. Uhh... Sav'aaq! That V sound is really tricky to master... I feel like I got it there, though. - Lyndae
  3. Er... Sa...botta? Was that it? I can't tell... Apparently you really have to bite your lip to get that V sound out clearly. A little kid made fun of me yesterday for not being able to get the pronunciation right. I don't know why, but it sounds the same to me no matter what I do... - Lyndae
  4. Gerudo Town really is full of women, isn't it? It really smells nice here... Hang on... I thought men weren't allowed in this town... Why did they let me in? - Lyndae