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Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Foothill Stable and the Woodland Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
Lookout Landing

Zorona is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Zorona can be see riding his horse as he travels from the Woodland Stable all the way to the Foothill Stable. He carries an Emblazoned Shield and a Traveler's Sword on his back. He will stop for a short while at the Foothill Stable, stopping for a short while underneath an overhang.

Zorona prides himself on his abilities to solve mysteries and share the information with fellow travelers.[1][2] Sometimes he shares rather trivial information, such as how if somebody is barefoot, they can hurt themselves if they try to kick open a treasure chest.[3]

Zorona has immense interest in the Fang and Bone shop and initially has some clues on how to find it. He knows the shop only appears at night and it appears at a skull-shaped lake.[4] He wants to know about who runs the shop and any other information he can get.[5][6][7] While he has information on some secret treasure hidden in Hyrule Castle, he passes that on to Link, as he instead is only interested in the Fang and Bone. After Link has first discovered the Fang and Bone over at Skull Lake, Zorona mentions that the shop has since been rumored to have been seen all over the place.[8][9]

Zorona also seems to have some knowledge of the Korok Forest. He mentions that there is a Legendary Sword deep in the forest. Despite his knowledge of this, he dismisses it, as he's only interested in the Fang and Bone shop.[10][11]

Tears of the Kingdom

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After completing a non-Eldin Regional Phenomena, Zorona can be found at Lookout Landing. He is in the center of the area, next to Scorpis, chastising Kairo for not remember how to get to Goron City. Zorona had left the area due to the lava flows coming down from Death Mountain. Zorona then leaves with Kairo, planning to stop at a bistro that Kairo is fond of.



  1. I'm a mystery buff. Now, you might hear that and shrug your shoulders, and let me tell you... That's only fair. - Zorona
  2. Nice meeting you! I'm Zorona, and I live for mystery. Is there mystery afoot in Eldin, you ask? Who knows? That's the mystery! - Zorona
  3. Greetings! My name's Zorona, and I live for mystery! I bet you'd like to hear about one I solved just recently, huh? You'll never guess the secret of why it sometimes hurts to kick a treasure chest. Brace yourself... It's because you're barefoot! - Zorona
  4. These days, I'm trying to get to the bottom of Fang and Bone. The clues so far: it always appears at night, and some people say they've seen it near a skull-shaped lake. To my mind, though, the biggest mystery about Fang and Bone is, who in the world would run such a place? - Zorona
  5. It's a mysterious world we live in. And the greatest mystery of all, if you ask me, is who runs Fang and Bone. Someday I'll find out and crack the case! - Zorona
  6. They say there's all sorts of treasure still waiting to be had in Hyrule Castle... But never mind all that! I HAVE to know more about Fang and Bone! The castle stuff is all yours, as far as I care. - Zorona
  7. Well, hello there! I'm zorona, and I live for mystery. I've got a doozy for you... Ever heard of Fang and Bone? I've heard tips that it's not just showing up by Skull Lake at Death Mountain in the north, but other places too! All that, and I still don't even know what this Fang and Bone sells! Mystery upon mystery! - Zorona
  8. One mystery lately has kept me sleepless like no other... It's that danged Fang and Bone! It's not just at Skull Lake after dark anymore, you know. People have seen it all over the place lately! - Zorona
  9. Here's a mystery for you: what do you suppose they sell in Fang and Bone? I've heard tips that it's not just showing up by Skull Lake at Death Mountain in the north, but other places too! - Zorona
  10. Lotta people think there's a place called Korok Forest somewhere, and deep inside it sleeps a legendary sword. Is it true? Who knows? That's the mystery! Maybe you'll be the one to solve it, eh? - Zorona
  11. Lotta people nowadays wondering if there's any truth to the legendary sword supposedly sleeping in Korok Forest... But I say the legendary sword can go hang! I'm burning to find out more about that Fang and Bone! - Zorona