EX All Enemies Welcome

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EX All Enemies Welcome



Key Characters


Battle-Tested Guardian: Bonus Combo

Ex All Enemies Welcome is a quest for Battle-Tested Guardian found in Age of Calamity.


The quest is located at the icon of Battle-Tested Guardian, south of the Great Plateau. This quest is unlocked after purchasing the DLC [Pulse Of The Ancients], completing all Royal lab quests up to The Battle-Tested Guardian, and defeating the Battle-Tested Guardian in EX Alert: Forgotten Temple

"The researchers who are studying the Battle-Tested Guardian require field reports complete with combat data. Bring back loot from powerful enemies along with the combat report."

— Quest text

"The powerful-enemy loot and combat data helped the researchers advance their work. They unlocked more power from the Battle-Tested Guardian, which learned a new skill "

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed


  • Battle-Tested Guardian: Bonus Combo