Teach a Hylian to Fish

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Teach a Hylian to Fish





Key Characters



Spear: Bonus Combo

Teach a Hylian to Fish is a quest for Link found in Age of Calamity. It is unlocked after completing the A Spear-ited Combatant quest, and is located at the icon of Link, north of the Deya Village. Completing this quest will unlock the Teach a Hylian to Fish quest.

"Every day at the spear training ground begins with fishing. It's not just to make breakfast—in fact, spearfishing is great practice! Catch the specified fish and deliver them to the instructor."

— Quest text

"Link delivered the specified fish to the instructor, marking a big step forward in his training. Plus, the instructor threw the fish into a cooking pot and made a delicious meal for everyone!"

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed


  • Spear: Bonus Combo