A Helping Claw

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A Helping Claw
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A Helping Claw is a quest for the Royal Ancient Lab found in Age of Calamity. It is unlocked after completing the prior quest The Technology of Disassembly.

Completing the quest will unlock the Guardian Flail as a weapon for Link; as well as the EX Link: Flails, EX Seeking Wooden Swords, EX A Spear Experiment, EX The Squad's Training Retreat, The Blazing-Blue Blades, and Magnificent Mass quests.

"Something's been on my mind lately... Why not use the unfathomable power of ancient relics to craft a tool for fighting the Calamity? Hm? Yes? I've been eyeing Guardians in particular..."

— Quest text

"At last... it's finished! The Guardian Flail. A weapon boasting the strength and dexterity of a Guardian. Link! If anyone can master this MARVELOUS weapon, I'm certain it's you!"

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed