Top-Secret Request

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Top-Secret Request

Top Secret Request is a quest for the Royal Ancient Lab found in Age of Calamity. It is unlocked after completing Power Play: Magnetic Mayhem, Power Play: Nice and Icy, and Power Play: Go with the Flow.

Completing the quest will unlock the Master Cycle as a weapon for Zelda; as well as the The Relic of Legend, Present for the Princess, Safety First, EX Zelda: Master Cycle, EX Break the Obstacles, EX Horsemanship and Horsepower, and EX Stamina Woes quests.

"This is a research request from a certain someone who is as passionate about relic research as I am, but lacks the time for it. Let's invest some of our own time into this, for all of our sakes!"

— Quest text

"I was able to fulfil the request of the princess. Oh! I mean the certain someone. Anywaaay... An ancient text described a Divine Beast destined for a hero. This thing is incredible!"

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed