Offering Help on the Road

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Offering Help on the Road




Key Characters


Complete Akkala Tower


Qualify for the Trial of the Great Fairies
9,000 Rupees

Offering Help on the Road is a quest found in Age of Calamity.


The quest is located at the icon of a Great Fairy, found just west of Gerudo Town. This quest is unlocked after completing the Akkala Tower Chapter 4 scenario.

Completing this quest will unlock three Challenges, dubbed the "Trial of the Great Fairies"; Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains, Fairy Fountain: Deep Snows, and Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands.

"A weary traveler is upset to have crossed the desert in search of the Great Fairy Fountain, only to find he doesn't have enough for an offering. You should help him...right?"

— Quest text

"The traveler came back to Gerudo Town after making the offering to the Great Fairy, and rewarded you with double what you gave him! May travelers always be so blessed."

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed