Akkala Tower (Scenario)

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Akkala Tower


Chapter 4-1








Key Characters

Points of

Battlefield-Specific Materials


Link, Zelda, any other unlocked (story)
Any three unlocked (replay)


Link, Zelda, Urbosa (if not selected for play)

Recommended Level

Lv. 25


"The party heads for the Akkala region, hoping to activate the Sheikah Towers. The tower has fallen into the Yiga Clan's hands, and the party must fight to recapture it"

— In-game description

Akkala Tower is the first scenario of Age of Calamity Chapter 4. It is unlocked by completing The Road Home, Besieged, and must be completed before progressing in the story.

  • Victory Condition: Reclaim Akkala Citadel
  • Defeat Condition: Link, Zelda, or Urbosa flees


  • Head for Akkala Citadel
  • Defeat the Yiga Blademasters (2)
  • Head for Akkala Citadel
  • Capture the Outpost
  • Activate the simple ancient furnace
  • Head for Akkala Citadel
  • Defeat the Yiga Blademaster
  • Activate the simple ancient furnaces (4)
  • Head for Akkala Citadel
  • Reclaim Akkala Citadel
    • Defeat Sooga and reclaim Akkala Citadel
  • Seek out and defeat Sooga


Akkala Tower (Part 1) [text]

"As the pilots learned to manipulate the arcane machinery of their Divine Beasts, Purah led a research expedition to the otherworldly ediface that had appeared on Hyrule Field."

— In-game Gallery description


"As Zelda prepares to depart and investigate the Central Tower, King Rhoam once again confronts her on where her focus lies. Zelda musters all of her courage to express her intentions to him, but..."

— In-game Gallery description


"As Zelda departs Hyrule Castle, Master Kohga and Sooga scheme with Astor about preventing the activation of the Sheikah Towers. Quietly, however, Sooga harbors his own doubts..."

— In-game Gallery description

The Sheikah Towers Are Activated

"Guided by the little Guardian, Link presents the Sheikah Slate to the terminal of the Central Tower, causing the tower to activate and rise up into the air. At the same time, the towers in other regions also rise up. Purah, observing this, cries out in excitement."

— In-game Gallery description

A Game Changer

"Having successfully activated all of the Sheikah Towers, Zelda takes in the expansive view. Purah has been busy analysing the functions of the tower and, after lauding their usefulness in the defense of Hyrule, declares her intention to demonstrate their value."

— In-game Gallery description


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