The Great Plateau

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This article is about the Age of Calamity Chapter 7 scenario. For the location, see Great Plateau.
Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
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"Remnants of the Hyrulean army have gathered on the Great Plateau. Using the newly implemented functions of the Sheikah Towers, Zelda and the others head to reconvene with the soldiers."

— In-game description

The Great Plateau is the first scenario of Age of Calamity Chapter 7.

  • Victory Condition: Rescue the Hyrulean Army
  • Defeat Condition: Any ally flees



The Great Plateau [text]

"At long last, Zelda's true power has awakened."

— In-game Gallery description

To the Great Plateau

"The party receives word that there are soldiers holed up on the Great Plateau. They must be helped, but traveling so far would be difficult and dangerous. Fortunately, Purah has a plan to make the trip much, much easier."

— In-game Gallery description

A Wish that Is Granted

"A father and daughter reunite within the Temple of Time. Tears of joy flow easily from the princess, and her father looks upon her with a newfound warmth. He admits it was the relic she gave him that saved his life."

— In-game Gallery description


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