Destroy the Yiga Clan!

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Destroy the Yiga Clan!


Chapter 4-2








Key Characters

Battlefield-Specific Materials



Divine Beast Vah Naboris (Urbosa); Ground: Any two unlocked


Link, Urbosa, Impa (if not selected for play)
Scout (2×)

Recommended Level

Lv. 33

"Reclaiming the Sheikah Tower gives the party an invaluable advantage. With the Yiga Clan's hideout located, Urbosa boards Naboris and prepares to attack."

— In-game description

Destroy the Yiga Clan! is the second scenario of Age of Calamity Chapter 4. It is unlocked by completing Akkala Tower, and must be completed before progressing in the story.

The scenario begins with a Divine Beast Vah Naboris battle, where Urbosa must clear a path to the Yiga Clan Hideout. Once this is done, several members of the party - including Link, Urbosa and Impa - delve into the hideout and systematically dismantle the Yiga Clan and their allies, culminating in a face off with Master Kohga and Sooga.

Divine Beast Battle
  • Victory Condition: Hurry to the Yiga Clan Hideout
  • Defeat Condition: No defeat conditions
Regular Battle


Divine Beast Objectives

Regular Objectives

  • Capture the Outposts (3)
  • Head for the Scout
  • Defeat the Yiga Blademasters (2)
  • Aid the Scout
    • The Gates have closed and a Yiga Blademaster has appeared! Defeat the Yiga Blademaster!
    • The Gates have closed and an Electric Moblin has appeared! Defeat the Electric Moblin!
  • Defeat the Yiga Blademaster (1)
  • Defeat Sooga
  • Head for the deepest level!
  • Defeat Master Kohga!


Destroy the Yiga Clan! (Part 1) [text]

"Now that the network of Sheikah Towers had been restored in full, the Sheikah Slate bestowed upon Zelda's party detailed knowledge of all Hyrule."

— In-game Gallery description

Divine Beast Vah Naboris

"In the process of activating the Sheikah Towers in each region of Hyrule, the party learns valuable tactical knowledge, including the location of the Yiga Clan's hideout. Aiming to take them all out in one fell swoop, Urbosa boards Vah Naboris."

— In-game Gallery description

Destroy the Yiga Clan! (Part 2) [text]

"Using Purah's insights, Urbosa easily accomplished her mission. Thus were Zelda and the others witness to the immense capability of the Sheikah Towers."

— In-game Gallery description

The Mighty Leader of the Yiga Clan!

"The party has finally managed to corner the Yiga Clan, but Master Kohga refuses to go down without a fight–for some reason, he appears incredibly confident. After taunting the party, Kohga rushes to battle, henchmen in tow"

— In-game Gallery description

Assigning Blame

"Astor appears before the recently defeated Master Kohga, who is outraged that the Yiga Clan's promised victory did not come to pass. Astor simply smiles, stating that all is as it must be, and he warns the Yiga Clan not to oppose him."

— In-game Gallery description

March of Progress

"Having handled the Yiga Clan, Zelda and the party realise how truly valuable the Sheikah Towers are. Purah is eager to continue her research with her newly increased staff. Zelda offers her words of encouragement, though she remains troubled by her own lack of progress."

— In-game Gallery description


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