Road to the Ancient Lab

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Road to the Ancient Lab


Chapter 1-2




Restricted Allies






Key Characters

Battlefield-Specific Materials


Chapter 2 unlocked (not in demo)
Challenges Mastering Remote Bombs and Lizalfos Infestation unlocked
Recipes for Steamed Mushrooms and Steamed Fish
Zelda Unlocked


Link, Impa, Zelda (story)
Any two unlocked plus Zelda (replay)


Zelda (before becoming playable)
Link, Impa (if not selected for play)
Hylian Captain (2×)

Recommended Level

Lv. 3

"As the group heads for the Royal Ancient Lab, they are ambushed by Monsters and a crazed Guardian. To protect Zelda, Link and the others escape into the valley."

— In-game description

Road to the Ancient Lab is the second scenario of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Chapter 1, and the final chapter in the free demo version.

Link, Impa and Princess Zelda, along with a cohort of Hyrulean Army soldiers, attempt to escort the Diminutive Guardian - who has taken a shine to Zelda, but refuses to allow itself to be petted by Impa - to Purah's research facility, the Royal Ancient Lab.

However, a Guardian Stalker activates and goes beserk, pinning them down in the Breach of Demise. The miniature Guardian activates a Decayed Guardian, damaging but not destroying the rogue, and the Hyruleans must activate two more to give them the chance to bring it down. If the Guardian Stalker is defeated without activating the Decayed Guardians, the scenario ends.


  • Support Zelda's escape to the Targeted Position
  • Flee from the Guardian while protecting Zelda
  • Activate the Unearthed Guardians (2)
  • Guide the Guardian
  • Defeat the Guardian


Road to the Ancient Lab (Part 1) [text]

"Zelda, curious about the diminutive Guardian, decided to accompany Imps on her journey to Purah's research facility in Hateno [sic]. With Link acting as bodyguard, they made their way to the Ancient Tech Lab [sic]."

— In-game Gallery description

Note that the above Gallery description appears to be in error - every other mention of the facility in this scenario refers to the "Royal Ancient Lab". In Breath of the Wild, the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins are located near Ridgeland Tower, west of Hyrule Castle. The Breach of Demise, where this scenario takes place, is on the road between the two, just west of Carok Bridge.

By contrast, the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab would not, according to Purah in Breath of the Wild, be founded until after the Great Calamity when she, Impa and Robbie decided to separate to ensure Link had guidance from at least one of them when he awoke.[1] It would also be located far to the east, in the opposite direction from the Breach of Demise relative to Hyrule Castle.


"In order to analyze the Guardian from the future, Zelda travels with Link and the others to the Royal Ancient Lab. On the way there, however, a Guardian goes berserk and attacks the party. At the same time, a horde of monsters appear and attack as well."

— In-game Gallery description

A Hidden Observer

"After narrowly escaping the rampaging Guardian and the monsters, Zelda and the others celebrate their safety. Meanwhile, an ominous figure observes them from hiding."

— In-game Gallery description

The Ruined Future

"Carefully analysing the little Guardian from the future reveals it to be a completely new model built from unknown technology, and stored within it are detailed records of the events at Hyrule Castle after Calamity Ganon's revival."

— In-game Gallery description

Road to the Ancient Lab (Part 2) [text]

"To stop Calamity Ganon, it was crucial that they possess the sword that seals the darkness, the latent power dwelling within the princess of Hyrule, and the might of the four Divine Beasts unearthed from across the land."

— In-game Gallery description


Sanctum Departure - HWAoC.png

"Zelda, Link, Impa and the others prepare to depart Hyrule Castle on orders from the king to recruit pilots for the Divine Beasts. The king stops them, however, when he recognises the Guardian at Zelda's feet and gives her a stern admonition."

— In-game Gallery description


Character Speaking Dialogue

Treasure Chests

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  1. "There are only three Sheikah remaining who experienced the Great Calamity of 100 years ago... Robbie of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Impa of Kakariko Village, and me. Right after the Great Calamity, the three of us gathered at Kakariko Village... but we had to separate soon after. If all three of us were found and wiped out, who would instruct you, the hero, once you awoke? [...] Luckily, there were strong ancient energy deposits in two places, allowing Robbie and I both to continue our research. Those places are here in Hateno Village and at the northernmost point of Akkala." — Purah, Breath of the Wild