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"Revali spots a Rito child on the battlefield. Hearing this, Teba insists they search for him. The two head for the Great Hyrule Forest, where Revali last saw the child."

— In-game description


Memory Quests

Defeat 500 or more enemies.


Keep the health of the Rito Captain protecting Tulin above 50%.



Aid the isolated Rito Captain.

After finding Tulin and defeating the nearby Moblins, head to the east to aid the isolated Rito Captain.




Searching Hyrule Forest [text]

"As war raged across all of Hyrule following the Calamity's revival, Revali spotted a young Rito who had wandered onto the battlefield, but he lost sight of the child admidst the chaos..."

Hero Worship

"Revali and Teba enjoy a brief reprieve after rescuing Tulin. Teba is elated to see Tulin so overjoyed at meeting his idol face-to-face... and to see Revali smile about it, even while seeming unaffected by the child's enthusiasm."

— In-game Gallery description


Character Speaking Dialogue

Treasure Chests

See also: Age of Calamity Treasure Chests

Challenges & Quests Unlocked